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01-23-05, 09:06 pm
Okay, for the breeders and showers and a few others out there, if you can't get with the program and can't READ the posting rules and the fact that this is a RESCUE-friendly board and we don't take kindly to breeders and showers, we'll there is a new category just for you.

We don't want to have you not sharing your gobs and gobs of wisdom, but it's going to have to be on the more innocuous forums.

Members are assumed to be a Cavy Slave until proven otherwise. Once proven otherwise, you will become a Cavy Person. This is the best way I could come up with. Not insulting, but kind of sums it up in my opinion.

Cavy Persons will NOT have posting privileges on the following forums:

The Kitchen
This is not to say that breeders and showers (and a few others in general) are not welcome to initially post on the aforementioned forums. It just better be good. It better be smart. It better be very well thought out. It's pretty much a three strikes rule in my book. One lame post. I'll ignore. Two, I'll start to watch. Three, you're outta there.

As has been mentioned many times on this forum, there are a WHOLE LOT of other forums who love breeders and showers. TONS of them. If you don't like this one, trust me, they will welcome you with open arms.

Of course, the real whack jobs and trolls will be banned.

01-24-05, 05:35 pm
Cool, I like your idea.

04-17-05, 10:32 pm
I dont like it. What ever i did i dont know

04-17-05, 10:34 pm
I told you exactly what you did in a private message.

04-17-05, 11:08 pm
For some strange reason i cant read privite messages

04-18-05, 12:21 am
It's not a strange reason. Since you abused the private messaging, that privilege has been revoked.

04-18-05, 04:02 am
Does that make you feel good to say that. I bet it does. Anyways people arnt that happy or nice everything is negitive (towards me anyways).

04-18-05, 10:19 am
Louis, I wrote to you in PRIVATE. You choose to post these messages in public when you could have written to me privately. I was copied on the nasty PM you wrote to another member with cursing. I don't like writing these messages to you. You aren't going to get very far by insulting the administrator.

04-18-05, 01:59 pm
Yes, we are not very positive towards you, but we ARE to other people. You know why we don't get along with you!

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 04:03 pm
Louis, you constantly argue that C&C cages are just stupid cages made out of cubes. You keep your pig outside, unsupervised, in a dangerous siduation. You have the ability to keep him inside, but instead of doing something about it you argue he is happier and perfectly safe, and for some unknown reason, you stay at this forum.

04-18-05, 06:16 pm
Dude i never said that

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 06:28 pm
Lol this site isnt about pitbulls, and my guinea pig is very happy spending all day roaming the back yard and he is not trapped inside a crappy cage made out of cubes.

Source: http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?p=55219#post55219

04-18-05, 06:42 pm
Wow i did say that well i did not think people would take that serously

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 06:48 pm
No, Louis, it's obvious you meant it.

04-18-05, 06:52 pm
Hmm well maybe there are better things then cubes . Have you tryed those small pet store cages desinged for hamsters. There great cages for guinea pigs

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 07:03 pm
Louis, why are you trying to make me mad? Because your little attempts at doing so are quite pathetic. Grow up.

04-18-05, 07:08 pm
I was only joking wow take a chill pill dude

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 07:15 pm
Louis, your talk in chat was very innapropriatte and has been forwarded to Teresa.

04-18-05, 07:18 pm
what about smoking there was no one in there so what does it matter , You proberly smoke yourself

Slap Maxwell
04-18-05, 07:36 pm
Yes, but people can still come in there half an hour later like I did and read it.

No, Louis, I don't smoke.

04-19-05, 11:09 am
What the hell happened? You know you want to give the gossip slap =) go on!

04-19-05, 04:39 pm
What did I miss?

04-20-05, 05:03 pm
Louis is juat continuosuly arguing over something silly (see the other chat) he is dening he wrote stuff so you didn't miss much..

04-21-05, 02:56 am
I like to try and give new people the benefit of the doubt, I am a bit shocked that he tries to provoke people , I stood up for this kid but won't no more.

Ps) Not all Aussie's are like that, promise!

04-24-05, 04:31 pm
Ps) Not all Aussie's are like that, promise!

Don't worry ;)

Baby Bears
04-29-05, 10:01 am
I, for one, Cavy Spirit, agree with you idea and think it's a good one. Full privledges should only go to those people on this forum who stick to the rules and support the rescue of adorable and cuddly piggies!

Breeders, et. al. have plenty of other forums to go to with people of thier kind to discuss whatever they wish. I don't think they'd like it if I barged up in there and disagreed with everything they said.

Baby Bears
04-29-05, 10:03 am
Ps) Not all Aussie's are like that, promise!

We'll keep ya Guineagirl! Never you worry!

05-14-05, 01:17 pm
What is a cavy pal then? I saw that Becky is.

05-14-05, 02:35 pm

You are no longer welcome on the Cavy Cages forum. Everytime you sign back up you will be banned again.

06-13-05, 02:30 pm
Is there a relationship between gpq and L?

06-13-05, 02:32 pm
Who is "L" ?

06-13-05, 02:37 pm
Louis, Banned, Western Australia?

06-13-05, 02:39 pm
No, Louis was a problem child who allowed his GPs to live in his backyard, unprotected, he insulted members, was very rude and refused to abide by forum rules. He eventually left us no other choice but to ban him.

GPQ was not banned...just demoted. She can still post on most of the forums just not in a few particular areas.

06-13-05, 02:42 pm
gee, whiz! Ya'll are the toughest lover's I've EVER seen:)

06-16-05, 11:45 pm
I'm only joking btw, but I think there are alot of us who would be just as suited to the title of cavy addicted, cavy obsessed, cavy crazy, cavy mad , cavy hooked,cavy loopy. I'm sure there's more but can't think of any.. and I'm including myself in all of the above of course!

I have to go do my daily exercise now,,, Pfttttt. I don't wannnnaaa....

06-17-05, 07:30 am
Great idea! How about: Cavy Cages can use a "reputation system" to help determine the best content and helpful users in the forums. This could a system outlined below...
Reputation is based on points.
Every post (with a few exceptions)could have + or - buttons next to it allowing users to vote on that post. Each user would be granted a certain number of votes per day based on their level.
Every userwould have a reputation level determined by the number of points they have gained, their post volume and the amount of time they have been using Cavy Cages.
If a post helps you with an issue vote "+". If it offers no useful assistance vote "-". A post could gain or lose points in the following ways:
User vote (either + or -). A user votes as many times as they wish as long as they have the votes (see the chart below).
A user votes up to 5 times per day on any one individual's posts.
After a post has accumulated 6 votes, the postcould show a ratio of the positive votes to total number of votes.
A user can gain or lose points in the following ways:
Each new post gives one point to the author. If the post is later deleted, that one point is lost. If a post is directly removed as a result of violating the Terms of Use, 25 points may be deducted from the author's total.
Any suspension of posting privileges for violation of the Terms of Use may result in the loss of enough points to reduce the user up to 2 full levels.
20% chance to gain 1 point every time you cast a vote for someone else's post - whether that vote be positive or negative.
A chance of an author gaining or losing one point if the author's post is voted up or down by another user.
Vote refreshing: Each user level is granted a store of votes which has a maximum. For every 24 hours of activity (can be viewing, does not have to be posting), each user gets a certain number of votes added to their store. If you are at your maximum total store, you will not be granted more, even if it has been more than 24 hours. The Levels and associated requirements, votes and privileges:
Level 2 - captive
Level 3 - companion
Level 4 - connoisseur
Level 5 - crackpot

Slap Maxwell
06-17-05, 07:34 am
I see problems with that system, esspecially with the kitchen forum around.

06-17-05, 07:42 am
How about excluding the Kitchen from the system?

06-17-05, 08:43 am
Do you have any idea how much coding that would invlove for Cavy Spirit? She would have to search far and wide for that hack, if it even exists for her board software.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. I like the current meathod.

Ranks based on post count are cool and easy but since the post count is already displayed here, it can be seen as clutter.

But you have to keep it simple. Your way is so complicated yo-rico. My forum has 5 normal ranks based on post count and 5 special ranks. The 5 special ranks were given to my best friends who also do alot of work for my site. They have access to my equivelent to a mod forum. I think I have more then enough ranks.

I guess it could be worse. Each person has thier own rank on GL. I use the same software as Lynx. I would hate to manage her rank menu 0.o

06-17-05, 10:10 am
I have intentionally not turned on the ranking system. And I don't have any plans or desires to do so. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.

06-17-05, 10:13 am
Just a fun exercise for a geek :) Never had a problem with the current system, don't have a problem, don't see a problem. Gee whiz, can't a geek have some fun?

06-17-05, 10:47 am
I don't really like the idea of being ranked, so I'm glad you don't have it on here

aww, rico! I'm sure you'l come up with other ideas!

06-17-05, 11:06 am
I don't like the idea of being ranked either.. it makes people with a higher rank seem more important than everyone else.

06-17-05, 11:36 am
Yup - that's what I think too

06-17-05, 03:55 pm
Since this is a knowledge based forum I think ranks are out of place. Some really smart people aren't big talkers. But on a conversation based board I think they are helpful.

06-17-05, 04:28 pm
I think what everyone is trying to say is that I would be ranked first and this would be unfair for everyone :P

06-17-05, 05:24 pm
I hate the ranking system I have seen on other sites. It seems so silly.

Besides you get one nutjob on the site or someone who just doesn't like you they spend all their time giving you bad marks and ruining your "reputation".

08-03-05, 11:36 am
Louis- Obviously this website doesnt concern you so leave the people alone who use this website for the right reason.

08-03-05, 11:37 am
sorry this post got sent somewhere else. ignore it.

08-21-05, 04:26 pm
Oooh you dissed a mod! Sorry I'm just really bored.

6 Words: Not Trying To Make Anyone Mad!:D