View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty How to tell if guinea pig has blindness?

03-12-09, 12:46 pm
I think Chuckles may be partially blind in both of his eyes. How could I tell for sure? The reason I ask is that often times he just sits in the same area. He finds his food, water bottle, hidey, etc., but he acts so much differently than my other guinea pig. Chuckles will wait to get picked up, doesn't run away away from my hand anymore. He wimpers a lot. He has been getting picked on by Gizmo recently though, maybe it is related. He seems to be staring at nothing. I just think it might be related to his eyesight.

03-14-09, 07:51 pm
You can shine a bright light in his eyes. If he is blind, his pupils won't shrink in reaction to the light.

03-14-09, 08:25 pm
Normal eyes should reflect red when flashed with a light.