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02-14-03, 08:50 pm
Im going to a guinea pig/rabbit show soon and i was wondering which pet would be better for me.

could you answer these questions for me?

do guinea pigs poop and pee all over you?
which animal needs more time from you?
which one is harder to take care of?

02-14-03, 11:51 pm
Both make great pets and need equal time. But being that this is a guinea pig board where most people have and have had experience with them, I'd say guinea pigs make better pets.

Of course both animals have their disadvantages... and I've had both-- but have been more pleased with guinea pigs.

02-15-03, 08:31 am
If pooing is you concern, don't get a pet, all pets poo and pee. Just, that you have to know how you'll mantain a hygeniec environment for them to grow.

Cleaning them, their poos, their pees and their habitat are I think one of the main things in growing a pet. Besides that all you need is Knowledge, Time, Money and real Love. As you ask the question it hints me a bit of you has a dislike of this nature on poos and pees.

The philosophy that most pet-owner/lovers are prescribing is the philosophy as loving thei pets as a family member. You should also do.

02-15-03, 09:01 am
Cavies or Guinea Pigs has more health complications than Rabbits.

02-15-03, 11:00 am
AngelicumCavy, would you please tell me what source you got that information from? The info. that cavies have more health complications than rabbits do??

02-15-03, 11:15 am
i have had both rabbits and guinea pigs. i think it is alot easier to take care of guinea pigs. i think rabits need more space because they get bigger and they hop alot. also my rabbit had a thing about kicker me...i LOVE my gps so much! i like to buy them toys and new treats/veggies all the time they are so much fun.

neither of them really poop/pee on me...
both need lots of care
i dont find it exactly hard to take care of them but you should be devoted to them...good luck;)

02-15-03, 09:55 pm
First, there are actually no exact sentence that says "cavies hasmore health complications than rabbits" ever. But fortunately I have my own brain to analyze that for me. Unless my analyzations aren't correct.

First the Vitamin C issues, this alone can almost say it cause vitamin c alone covers a wide topic.
>guinea pigs can't produce their own vitamin c, rabbits can. although not enough to live them out, rabbits still needs vit sfrom outside source but not as high-demanding as cavies
>vitamin c also covers joints and bones issues, cartilage on the bones' joints are 50% made of vitamin c and rabbits has strong bonesto hop up because as I say they produce their own as well as get it from outside source, while in guinea pigs they totally depend it on outside source.

Vitamin C is of coursenot the only issue here, there are other health complications to look at, from abscess to toxemia. Both animals almost had had an equal possible diseases and problems but Guinea Pigs are more likely to get them faster than rabbits can.
>Let's say the LUNGS for example, Rabbits can standout humidity change in a fast rate, Guinea Pigs can't. Temperature change can kill both cavies and rabbitsifits on a fast rate but guineapigs are more delicate. Humidity change can cause some lung problem to cavies so fast that you may not recognize it.
>Cavies has an approximately 53mm length of lungs and rabbit has more than three times of it, a dusty bedding can cause complications to both anima;l but again guinea pig will react to faster than the rabbit.

In delivery:
>Rabbits has more and has exceedingly stronger rear muscles to push the babies out and guinea pigs has a small and not-as-strong built as rabbits.
>In pregnancy the ratio of how big the CHILD-MOTHER size of rabbits and cavies can tell it all.

In Pellets
>Guinea Pigs has a higher demand of specialize pellets,mainly of vitamin c and other more.

I'll come back soon with more comparisons.

02-16-03, 12:42 am
Well said. Thank you Angelicum! :)

02-16-03, 06:52 am
I ask my friend of herpoint of view and this is what she have to say, she chooses rabbits as moredifficultto take care of.

Hi angelicum
I've got some experience with rabbits from owning them and being around
rabbit breeders, as for who is more difficult to own and raise I think
the end they sort of balance out one another, here are my reasons

often time get a fur blockage like cats but they can not bring it up so
need to be given Paypaya pills a few times a week to help break the
down before it causes a problem, Thee are hairball rememdies for them
the paypaya works best, if they get a blockage you must act quickly by
feeding crushed paypaya around the clock until they begin to eat or go
the washroom, this could easily cause death

Rabbits are known to be infected more often with Bordetella and
outbreaks which can end up in death of the rabbit.

Rabbits are more prone to ear infections and middle ear infections
in wry neck symptoms,

Rabbits may be easier to breed as they copulate continually but you
need to
provide a nest box when they are due and some mothers are nervous and
not sit in the box to keep the babies warm and nurse or may kill the
if they become nervous, more care is required with the raising of
from my understanding.

OFten times when a doe has only one baby he will overfeed and become
legged, something like that can't remember the whole thing about this
but have seen it often,

I think that is about it probably more, but as being easier to keep
care of
I would choose raising cavies as they can lilve together in unity as
like and relish on company whereas rabbits have to be keep by
Cavies are more clean and can go a week without being cleaned whereas
rabbits need to be cleaned every few days and bucks often spray out of
cage all over the walls and alot of rabbit spray is quite nasty
smelling if
not cleaned continually.