View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying Boogers Big Day! Some Questions.

03-09-09, 12:14 pm
So, tomorrow is Boogers big day! We are having him fixed so he can be housed with out females. The vet today passed the dummy question test with flying colors (The vet doing the operation isn't out normal vet). The way he described the procedure matched up with the first example on CavySpirit. The only thing is he hasn't done that many guinea pigs but enough to make use comfortable, he said he's done 60 neuters in the passed 3 years and said that he could only think of 3 that had complications but no deaths. I just have some questions about post-op.

1. Is there anything special I need to do for him once he gets home?
2. What are the chanced that he can/will reopen the incision sites?