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07-06-02, 11:40 am
just recently, i noticed that my piggie's cage smells really bad (like urine) and is always wet. So, i have to clean it out atleast twice a day, evry day. i don't know if he's been urinating over in that half of the cage a lot, or if his water bottle is leaking. if it's his water bottle, how do i get it to stop leaking? ive tryed over 15 bottles and none seem to stop the leaking...wut should i do????!!!!

07-06-02, 03:18 pm
I keep a small bowl underneath where the water bottle is so it drips into that. I empty it out every time i refill that water bottle (daily).

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02-16-03, 12:46 pm
i put a piece of brick under my water bottle so the water would soak into it

02-16-03, 02:12 pm
I've tried to put a small bowl under the waterbottles, but the piggies knock it over.

Thankfully though now I have waterbottles that NEVER leak and I don't have to put anything under them except a tide more bedding. It helps a bottle not to drip if you fill it up all the way with water.

I not only use waterbottles, but I also use water bowls. The piggies drink water from both. I have noticed that some like drinking out of the bowls more than the water bottles.

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