View Full Version : Possibly Pregnant How can I tell if she is pregnant?

02-25-09, 07:08 pm
Hi everyone, I recently rescued 2 guinea pigs from craigslist who were living in absolutely horrible conditions. From matted fur to untrimmed toenails to a cage that was too small and never clean. All of the above have been taken care of thankfully. However the person that I rescued them from told me that they were both males, however when I took them to get their nails trimmed I was told they are girls and one is possibly pregnant.

What are some ways I can tell for sure? I have made a vet appointment for next week, but would like some pointers on what I can expect. The girl in question is approx. 5 years old and beautiful. From her ribs to her hips or hind legs is quite larger then the other girls. Also, her stomach area feels soft not fatty.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would really appreciate it. Thank you ahead of time.

02-25-09, 07:37 pm
Hi, my female Guinea pig just had babies on January 19th and I had to do a lot of reading, being my first experience with an expecting Gunie pig. From what I've read, females should have their first litter before they are seven months old because their pelvis bones kind of fuse together and they can have complications in labor, even death. They recomend that in the event that she is past 7 months of age and if it's her first litter, take her to the vet and a possible c-section may be necessary.
My Guinea pig gave birth before her seventh month old and she was just fine. She had four beautiful babies, 2 boys and 2 girls. You can see then in my picture album. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

02-25-09, 07:40 pm
Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. Unfortantely I don't have any idea is this would be her first litter or not. I just rescued her and another female about a week ago.

02-25-09, 08:16 pm
I can understand you're very worried for your guinea pig, the best thing you can do, since your have no way of knowing if she's had other pregnancies, is take her to a vet. If money is an issue, as it was with me, then take your chances, get well informed, stay up most nights watching her, pray and hope for the best. If she is pregnant, she will eat more than the usual. Feed her lots of Timothy hay. let me know if you need further info.

02-25-09, 08:49 pm
Sows get a pear shape as they age. Are there any signs of ovarian cysts?

Did the owner say how long they had them or if they were housed with other guinea pigs?

02-25-09, 11:09 pm
I would think ovarian cysts as well. Hopefully not pregnancy!

02-26-09, 12:43 pm
Hi everyone, I am pretty sure she is pregnant. Last night I was holding her and she curled up against my neck while I was lying in bed watching t.v and I swear I could feel movement inside her. I'm going to take her to the vet on Saturday to make sure and hopefully get an idea when she would be due.

Are ovarian cysts dangerous for guinea pigs? I'm trying to prepare for whatever happens so either way she is ok and taken care of. The people I got her from were horrible. They were in a tiny store bought cage that had never been cleaned out. Izzy, the possibly pregnant one, is a abyssinian with horrible matts all over her. It took me almost 2 weeks to get them out. And her nails had never been trimmed. So I have no idea if the people who had her had any other guinea pigs. In fact, they told me they were both boys! I found them on craigslist for free and I could tell they were needing help so I jumped on it and adopted them.

Thank you everyone for your advice, Izzy and I really appreciate it.

Wheek Weak
02-28-09, 03:26 pm
Movement in the tummy is how we discovered our rescued Ruby was pregnant.

She also drank a LOT of water. She would go through an 8-oz. bottle in an 8-hour day.

After she gave birth to her daughter, she developed ovarian cysts that had to be surgically removed, so we're familiar with both...pregnancy and cysts.

With the cysts...there was no movement in her belly, she became pear-shaped, her "hip bones" were prominent, she didn't eat very much (the cysts were pressing on her stomach making it smaller), she rumblestrutted a lot, and just wasn't her sweet gentle self.

The cysts were too large for hormone treatments to work on them, so surgery was the only option. Ruby was only about 1 1/2 yrs old at the time, though. You'll have to talk to a good cavy saavy vet because the older they are, the more risk involved.

When she was pregnant, there was no change in personality. She did eat more and drink more. Other than that, the only other signs we had was the movement in her belly and the sounds coming from inside her (TeeJay talking) later in the pregnancy (the 2 weeks before birth).

Bless you for giving those little ones a wonderful, caring home. I'm sending good thoughts to you, Izzy, and her friend.

04-03-09, 02:48 am
I stumbled across your post and I was wondering how Izzy was doing? Is she indeed pregnant?