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02-21-09, 07:19 am
am thinking of getting a Holland lop soon but I want to do as much research as i can before so it has a much happier life with me. So here are some questions...

1. Are they very friendly/cuddly/become close to me?
2. How old should it be when I get one?(so its had enough time with its mother, but its young enough so it will become close to me as it gets older)
3. What kind of litter should I use?
4. what kind of litter box should I use?
5.What are some good litter training techniques?
6. I'm planning on giving it 1 room to run around freely after its box trained, does it still need to go outside? Can they go outside in snow?
7. What should the daily diet be?...Be exact please Ex. 1/4 cup pellets in morn. and night and lettuce at night. (like that)
8. What are some good ways to get it to become close to you and want to you to play/pet with it?
9. How often should I play with it?
10. Overall, do they make good pets?

Thank you so much,
any additional info that I forgot to ask for would be much appreciated!!!!

02-21-09, 09:29 pm
Look over House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide (http://www.rabbit.org) Adopt an already neutered and litter trained bunny from a rescue or shelter. It's adopt a rescued bunny month on Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder (http://www.petfinder.com) There are care links there too.

02-23-09, 11:39 pm
1. Depends on the rabbit's personality. Some rabbits will hop right into your lap. Others want nothing to do with you. Eventually your rabbit will get used to having you around and won't flinch every time you move. This can't be influenced by the age you get the bun, the gender, or anything else [besides maybe neuter/spaying]-- it's ALL personality.

2. Age doesn't matter. Your rabbit will bond with you at any age. It is nothing that can be forced.

3. I use wood stove pellets and top it with shredded newspaper. This is the cheapest method. You can also use Cell-Sorb, Yesterday's News, Carefresh.. anything you'd use for a guinea pig.

4. A litterbox with a high back is preferred. Don't use triangle litterboxes. Rabbits are not triangles. Use a rectangular litterbox.

5. Use multiple litterboxes in your rabbit's area. Rabbits tend to go against walls and in corners. When your bun poops outside of the box, sweep it up and put it in the litterbox.

6. They don't need to go outside but it is definitely beneficial. DO NOT put your rabbit outdoors without supervision. Rabbits can go outdoors in the snow, yes, but not for too long. It's often times more hassle than it's worth in the winter.

7. Rabbits are crepuscular. They eat in the morning and at night. I feed my bunnies pellets in the morning and salad at night, you could do either; I'm not a morning person.

8. One of the best ways to get a rabbit's attention is to ignore it. Sit in your rabbit's room and read a book. Or lie on the floor. My rabbits love to fetch grapes. I sit in our room and throw grapes to them, they chase them down and eat them. Don't feed too many [a small handful once or twice a week is plenty], they are pretty sugary.

9. As often as you can! Rabbits are social creatures. I'd recommend getting a pair if you could.

10. Rabbits do make good pets, as long as you expect rabbity behavior from them. Don't expect it to be like a dog or a cat. Remember that even though it's a house pet, it's a rabbit. A prey animal. Timid and cautous.

A good book to pick up is Stories Rabbits Tell by Margo DeMello and Susan E. Davis.
And definitely check out the House Rabbit Society's website, rabbitsncavyluv posted it.

Also, I'm always perplexed by this; why a holland lop? Why so specific?