View Full Version : Free Shipping On Shavings If You Need

01-20-05, 12:40 pm
For those of you who cannot reach a store, or are just plain lazy like me and use shavings for bedding or are interested in other small animal items the following link has Free Shipping. I purchased their very large bags of aspen and it was a pleasure not having to pay for shipping.


o0Ms Jenny0o
01-20-05, 01:44 pm
Isn't it just free if you spend $35 or more?

01-20-05, 02:34 pm
It may be free shipping but they are charging way high prices. they are charging $27.97 for aspen bedding which I normally pay $10.99 for.

01-20-05, 03:06 pm
Sorry, when I purchased my apsen I paid $15.00 for the very large bag. I bought 2 bags and I purchased something else to make it 35.00. I guess they change their prices.