View Full Version : Bugs in Bedding!

01-18-05, 07:27 pm
I had been using the Carefresh Ultra bedding, but found it to be dusty. I decided to try the Ecofresh bedding for a change. It is made from brown paper bags and has an "accordion" texture. When I opened up the box, hundreds of little brown bugs came crawling out!!!! I was so freaked out! It was absolutely disgusting. When I returned it to the petstore, the manager said that it was normal and to be expected. Has anyone else had a similar experience with bedding?

01-18-05, 07:44 pm
I have bought all kinds of brands of hay, bedding and whatnot from different places. I have never seen 1 bug in any of them (not that there are none, just I have never noticed).

I would get a refund and tell the manager I will never buy that brand or from that store again. Some bugs can make your pigs itchy (and your house a bug nest).