View Full Version : squeek toy?

02-14-03, 12:23 pm
yesterday i found a lil dinosaur squeek toy at the dollar store and i was wondering if it is safe to put in my pigys cage:lol:

02-14-03, 02:03 pm
I'm sure it is okay. But I wouldn't let them eat it. Also, they might move it around a little, but I don't think it will be used much.

I have several toys inside my cage, and hardly any of my pigs ever play with them.

02-14-03, 06:46 pm
Is it a plastic squeak toy or a plush one? Yes, just keep an eye on if they are eating it. They should enjoy it, my kids love rolling their stuff around and into their houses, and then cuddling with them! Go to this site for some more fun ideas of toys. www.cavycages.com/toys.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/toys.htm) Have fun!

02-14-03, 07:48 pm
its plastic..i was gonna get a plush one but they might rip out the stuffing and choke.

Ginni and Zoey
02-17-03, 01:03 am
one thing you could do and it would be safe is take the stuffing out and fill it with hay and close it up. one thing i would watch out for is if they start eatting the plastic that is also bad for them they shouldnt eat plastic so watch out for that:D