View Full Version : Bedding About my bedding usage?

02-05-09, 01:20 pm
I use hay as a regular bedding, im a newbie to guinea pigs and im concerned if this is the proper bedding?

02-05-09, 05:40 pm
Hay is usually not recommened (sp?) because it molds quickly when wet. There are lots of good quality beddings on the market. Steer clear of ceader and pine (although kiln dried pine is ok) Fleece is also a very popular option because it wicks the moisture and you dont have to buy it over and over again. I use fleece for my one piggie, Ella, and she loves it. A popular bedding is Carefresh:
Carefresh Pet Bedding: Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding at PETCO (http://www.petco.com/product/10791/Carefresh-Ultra-Pet-Bedding.aspx?CoreCat=certona-_-ProductDetail_4-_-Carefresh%20Ultra%20Pet%20Bedding-10791)
which works well also. I would suggest either this, or fleece, because they seem to work the best.

02-06-09, 12:00 am
Hay doesn't absorb along with the mold problem. It would have to be completely changed daily.

02-06-09, 10:30 pm
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