View Full Version : Is kid, non-toxic paint safe for piggies?

01-31-09, 09:56 am
Well, I was wondering if non-toxic kid's paint is safe with piggies?

01-31-09, 06:09 pm
Where, exactly, do you intend to use this paint? I would say absolutely not. It's not worth it to take a chance with your pigs health. Just because it's non-toxic for human children, does not mean it is non-toxic for pigs.

02-01-09, 01:02 am
If it's in a place where they can chew it, I wouldn't do it. (It rhymes, and should therefore be golden)

02-01-09, 02:28 pm
Nope. It's not just ingesting it, it's also about breathing the fumes in too. Did you know that paint can emit gasses for years after it has dried? Even 'non-toxic' ones do. If you're wanting to decorate your cage I recommend using different colours of correx, or different patterns of fleece.

To be honest, the pigs probably won't care whether you paint their environment or not (except in the case where they're being choked by fumes; then they will mind). Hope that helped!