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01-31-09, 01:59 am
Hey All,

I have had Guinea Pigs in the past and I love them, but I'm actually going to be getting a rabbit every shortly, and I was wondering what amount of grid squares I would need to make my rabbit enclosure? I plan to litter train my bunny as well as have him/her out running free a lot of the time. The reason I'm asking is because my friend referred me to this site, when we talked about getting my rabbit, and she has one of these cages. I want mine to be bigger than hers though :P. The rabbit is probably going to be a Holland Lop, or something similar in size, nothing more than like 5 lbs. I know I'm going to need quite a loT of grid squares. I know this is the best way too go, so that my rabbit can have a lot of room to move, jump, lay out. I know having those tinnie cages from the pet stores is pretty much a form of neglect LOL, and I want my bunny to be the happiest it can. This is my first rabbit...I know this is a Guinea Pig forum, but I know the cages can be used for rabbits as well.

Thanks so much,

02-05-09, 08:29 am
If you look at the list of forums available on this site there is a rabbit forum. I am sure there are lots of people there to help you. They might even have some photos of there cages to give you some ideas. Good Luck.:)