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01-29-09, 05:13 pm
Hello, I'm from Missouri and I have eight, yes eight piggers! Harvey, Gremlin, Nibs, Trible, Monster, Poofbah, QP, and Frey. Four boars, four sows, two 2x6 cages, and a whole lotta noise!

01-31-09, 04:57 pm
I bet the food bills get pretty pricey with 8 piggers!
but I bet there all worth it. Welcome to GPC! :)

02-01-09, 04:41 pm
Thanks, and yes, the piggers cost more to feed than the goats and sheep!

02-01-09, 04:46 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Pigtures of your crew are welcome!

02-04-09, 03:42 pm
Hi! Yes welcome. I bet that the bedding cost a lot too!

02-05-09, 09:23 pm
Yeah, the carefresh is REALLY pricey!

02-05-09, 09:34 pm
Welcome to GPC! With 8 pigs, carefresh can be awfully expense, have you looked into fleece?

02-13-09, 12:14 pm
wow! 8 pigs. i'd love to do that if my apartment was bigger.

Wheek Weak
02-13-09, 03:20 pm
Wow...how did you happen to aquire 8 piggies?

Don't forget to post pigtures!