View Full Version : they're here!

01-29-09, 01:04 pm
Finally our 3 piggers have arrived. Everything was ready both indoor hutch (its still cold here at night) and outdoor hutch and run.
Lots of squeaking on arriving but they have settled in nicely. Went outside for the first time today. Enjoyed the grass, but not to keen on the ramp up to the hutch. Hopefully they will get onto it soon, but still young - 7 weeks. Hope to get lots of info of other pig lovers in the future but in the meantime a big HELLO to you all!

01-29-09, 02:36 pm
Hello and welcome.

Do you plan on keeping them outside?

Oh and we LOVE pictures! Seven weeks?! They sound adorable! Where did you get them from? I'm always interested to know how people managed to find little cuties.

01-30-09, 11:10 am
thank you for replying. I do plan to keep outside during the day (weather permitting). They were out today and ran round and round the run - sooooo funny! They are in for the night now.
They came from a friend of a work mate and yes they are cute.
Im not to good with computers but will try and get pictures posted soon.

02-04-09, 03:46 pm
Congrats on your little piggies! Can't Wait for pictures!