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01-29-09, 10:21 am
I have had my GP for 2years and I just became aware of the option for litter training. It seems like a great idea to me but do you think she is too old to learn? If not how do I start? I use carefresh in my cage already so what is best to put in the litter box? She does already do most of her bussiness in one corner so that should help although I would prefer to put the box in a different corner, should I not tamper with her already semi in place routine?

01-29-09, 11:27 am
Yeah, I would say if she basically goes in a preferred corner, jut try putting a litter box in that corner if you want to save bedding. I would also recommend to keep the hay and food bowl close to the litter box, so that she can jump in right when she is done eating.

01-29-09, 05:04 pm
I found the trick!

Ok, so my pig was pretty litterbox trained to begin with, let's say he got the litterbox 65% of the time. (So if your piggy prefers one corner, I'd stick it there. ) I still wanted to stop him from pooing all over the cage, though.

I already had a hay rack hanging inside the litterbox (you can see it in the back left corner of the litterbox in the pic) & I realized that he loved eating out of the food bowl while he was in the litterbox so I decided to custom design it to his needs.

I bought a medium sized feed cup that's intended for bird cages...I hang it over the corner of the litterbox so he can conveniently snack while he does his business. I also have some wood blocks hanging in there, too.

Here's the super trick...Just put a cover over it. I'm using fleece & clips to hold it up.

This is what worked for me. I get maybe 3 poos outside of the litterbox & it's usually because he kicks them out while he's jumping.

Btw, I have fleece in my cage & I'm using "Yesterday's News" litter in the box. He always jumps in a shifts it all to the back, as you can see in the picture, so after I refill it I add as needed to cover the bottom.

That's also a super huge litterbox meant for rabbits. He would always hang his big butt out of the ones intended for guinea pigs therefore defeating the purpose of litterbox training. :)


01-29-09, 07:51 pm
I found the trick!

Here's the super trick...Just put a cover over it. I'm using fleece & clips to hold it up.

Seriously, this is the trick! My Pokey is very private when using the bathroom (aren't we all? lol ) I have two hideaways for him in his pen, one overturned plastic bin that he loves to sleep in, and this cute little tent. He has decided that the tent is the bathroom and he hasn't gone wee wee or pooped outside the tent since I put it in! I guess he kinda trained himself! But it's been great because now I just lined the tent with plastic and put bedding in there that I can just dump out once it's soiled. I am a new piggy mom and I had no idea how smart these little guys are!