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01-27-09, 07:02 pm
Hi, I currently have a starting kit cage, and it's practically a litter box and I hate it. I checked the sites for bigger cages and theyre too much for me to spend, being student. Does anyone have any cages, if not I'm a welder and would anyone know where I can get that cage type material, I could weld up one.

01-27-09, 07:44 pm
It would be cheaper to just make one yourself. The ones you buy online cost more than they actually cost to make because of labor probably, etc... Other cost effective methods are to find alternatives to coroplast. These include the children's foam play mats with a towel/ fleece over them, plywood with a tarp/ shower curtain, a shower curtain, or anything else really. Be creative just as long as you can keep it up, and it is safe for your piggies.

01-27-09, 07:47 pm
Is there anywhere I can buy the cages type material for my pig? Im thinking im going to make a plywood and tarp bottom covered with fleece, but i need some sort of caging, yet again I weld so any type of caging would do, any suggestions anyone?

01-27-09, 07:49 pm
Other options besides grids are wire closet shelving.

01-27-09, 08:31 pm
I'm not sure what to do, so far this is what i've figured: the bottom will consist of 18inX36IN plywood with 2 pieces of 6inX18in siding and 2 pieces of 6inX36in siding, from there will surround it with tarp, then fleece. That is all free, and its easy to manage. Caging though....wood chicken wire be ok? I may use the other caging as well on the sides and use the chicken wire and a ceiling

01-27-09, 08:55 pm
I wouldn't suggest a wood cage. You have to use sealent and it would end up being more expensive.

Coroplast is only $20 and lasts for a long time. There are other idea's. I'll list a few. Check out the galleries Alternate cages.

Why not go to the dollar store, grab a shower curtain, and look on craigslist and such to find some grids?


Or you can go to walmart and get a big pool ($16) and surround it with a play pen ($13).


Or you could use those shelf grids.

01-27-09, 09:05 pm
My cage is competely made of wood, we use special pads and garbage bags for the lining that we change everytime we clean. We never used sealant and it works fine. Our cage is 4x2 1/2 feet. It's also a double decker, we have the top one over the bottom on stilt. We have our 2 boy on the top and 3 girls on the bottom.

Umm, I know my father in law, for weilding he uses the old coat hangers to weild instead of the wielding stick. Why not make grids out of coat hangers. It would take a bit of time to make, and a quite a few coat hangers, but it would be custom! Just make sure everything is cleaned up really well after. Hope that helps!

01-27-09, 09:18 pm
Good ideas, the pool one especially, but also I have a chinese sharpei that would terrorize the little fella, so i dont know what to really do, im leaning towards breaking apart my cage now and then buying a set of play pens bars and doing it that way.

01-27-09, 09:31 pm
if you're going to spend the money, grids really are the best way to go, they are cheap and you can break them down easily, which is necessary if you ever plan on moving the cage because otherwise it doesn't fit very well through doorways (I learned that the hard way, oops!)

01-28-09, 12:53 am
This is how much my cage cost:

$11.99 for grids at bed, bath and beyond
(makes up to 2x5 grid cage)

$20 for a 4x8 sheet of coroplast

So, around $31.99 is all I spent for a huge cage with left over coroplast.

01-28-09, 08:31 am
wow 2ftx 5 ft of caging and 4x8 ft of chloroplast for that much? thats awesome