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01-27-09, 06:37 pm
I made my 2x4 into a 2x5 and the 1x2 end of the cage is going to be the kitchen. I am cutting a 1x2 box of coroplast to add on. Then i will cut a doorway out to connect the 2 pieces of coroplast.
I need ideas on how I can keep the hay in the kitchen part?
Can I make it so the entry-way cut is a few inches high so they have to hop over a bit? Or is that a bad idea? Or maybe I can create a small entryway and then use fiddlesticks?

01-28-09, 09:06 am
I've seen some people have a step to prevent dragging.
Apparently it seems to work.
But really, I think it's just best to not bother.
They're going to try and move it anyway.
(Mine likes to drag hers down and eat where she sleeps.)

PS. I found that with my piggie she has a hard time dragging things down a ramp, so you could possibly make the a kitchen a second layer. That's what we did. Check out my picture. The second layer is about 5 spaces on the grids up, so it's more of a loft, plus under that it creates a lot of hide-away room because it's a lot darker.)

01-29-09, 10:26 am
I can't really give any advice but here's a link to this awesome woman who has a kitchen in her c&c cage.....YouTube - Our new cage,... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYj1cFQxVI4)

P.S. She is obessed with Hello Kitty!

01-29-09, 11:11 pm
3luckyducks: Sending you a PM with my Youtube video on the boys' temp cage, including how I set up their hay box.

01-30-09, 06:11 am
Here is mine. The coroplast is cut down at the entrance and I have bricks on both sides to help them get in and out, and wipe their feet. I have a hay rack so there’s never been any problem with hay on the fleece.

My first kitchen was a 1X2 and I made a mistake cutting so there was no coroplast in the doorway. Bricks worked pretty well though.