View Full Version : I think I finished my cage

01-16-05, 06:14 pm
I think I finally finished. I added another level. This is what happens when you start building a C&C cage, you never know when to stop. At least I don't. I must be making my piggies nuts, keep moving everything, keep adding things, I hope I'm not making them crazy. I hope I did this link correct. A picture of my cage.


01-16-05, 06:55 pm
wow that is awsome. A++++

01-16-05, 07:57 pm
Wow, I love it! Great way to conserve space, yet easy access!

01-16-05, 09:10 pm
Love the cage! Great job.

01-17-05, 04:01 pm
WOW!!! blew my socks right off!!! lol..it looks AMAZING. I like how its different from the usual..i gotta make one now!

01-21-05, 07:26 pm
Wow! That is one AWESOME cage! Great Job! I am sure your piggies just love it!

01-21-05, 08:03 pm
Pennick, I know what you mean about never knowing when to stop haha. My pig isn't coming home for another week but I already have an idea on expanding the cage I have build now lol.