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01-20-09, 03:38 am
Hi everyone,
I have two 3 month old boars, Stan & Ollie (brothers), and my vet has advised me to seperate them once they get a little older as they will start to fight. They have little squabbles now over the bed and food so I think it will be for the best.
I dont want to completely seperate them so I was thinking of splitting a 2x6 into two 2x3's using two grids down the centre of the cage so they can still see each other but not step on each others toes so to speak.
Would this be ok you think?

Thanks :cheerful:

01-20-09, 04:14 am
ok so i've just seen the size of a 2x6 in the photo galleries, thats going to be waaay to big 'cos i dont have the room.
They are in a very small cage at the moment 36" x 18" (waiting for materials for a c&c cage) so i think this is why they are squabbling 'cos they keep getting in each others way. By squabbling I mean squealing at each other and nudging each other away from the food.
Maybe when they are in their 2x4 cage (which i was originally planning on making) they will have enough space to call their own and will stop squabbling??? or maybe a 2x5? I have limited space so a 2x4 would be better but i obviously want to make sure the boys are as happy as possible.
Any suggestions?

01-20-09, 09:25 am
2X4 or 2X5 might get them to stop squabbling. I recommend trying that first. Also make sure you have 2 of everything. That means 2 hides, 2 water bottles, 2 food bowls. I even did two hay racks until they started to get a long. The rule of thumb is separate them if they, turn into a rolling ball of fur fighting, blood is drawn, or one is keeping the other one from eating.

Here are some divided cage ideas.



01-20-09, 10:16 am
ahh thankyou, these look perfect! just posted on the picture thread what the measurements are for this size cage :cheerful:

01-20-09, 02:22 pm
It might be just the smallish cage size right now that they're squabbling.
I have 2 pairs of boars, the first pair is texels, and they are very cuddly and sweet to each other- for boars! They are often seen sleeping nose to nose, or eating out of the food bowl side by side. Where one is, the other isn't too far behind. They're in a 3' by 3.5' cage.

My other pair got along great for a while but Diego, the aby-ruvian mix became very dominant, humped a lot, guarded food and water (even though I have 2 of everything for them) put them in the larger 3' by 5' cage and still Diego was unhappy. He does NOT want to share his things with any other pig. I put in a wire (closet shelving) divider, so he can still see Marquee, his peruvian boar friend. It's funny to me, with the fence in, Diego will lay side by side with Marquee, both of them leaning on the fence. They will nose each other, coo at each other, but take that fence out and Diego turns into one bad boy and will draw blood. If I take Marquee out for petting or whatever, Diego paces up and down, calling for him. So it seems to be a very happy arrangement for all.
It might be your boys will work it out with a larger space, and it might be that the best option for them will be to separate them. If you do, use grids or shelving so that they can still see, hear and interact with each other. Of course, I'm not an expert, this has just worked out really well for my boys.