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01-17-09, 09:39 pm
Hello everyone. I am Jen,23, from Arizona. I am a stay at home mom with an 18 mo toddler.Plus a part-time college student. I adopted my first piggies today from Arizona's Piggie Poo Rescue. I highly reccomend them. The lady that runs it is so nice and does a great job!

I feel blessed to have adopted these guys. Chesney & Paisley..


In just a few short hours I've got a good glimse at their personalities. They absolutely adore each other. They were already bonded to one another before I adopted them.
Chesney is much more out going then paisley (paisley has the chestnut color). Paisley has been hiding from me all evening!

Every once in awhile something scares them and they make a huge racket as they scamper back to the pigloo. Scares the heck out of me!

I've heard all sorts of purrs and rumbles from them. They are such amazing, beautiful creatures.

When Paisley isn't so scared of me, I will take some better pictures of him. He has the prettiest coloring I've ever seen. He has a tri-color of chestnut, a greyish color and white. It's remarkable! Very hard to tell from the pictures.

Anyway, Glad to be apart of the forum.


01-17-09, 09:52 pm
Cute pigs and I like their names

01-17-09, 10:00 pm
I love their names too! Thanks for rescuing. They are gorgeous!

01-17-09, 11:28 pm
Welcome to GPC! Your piggies are adorable!

Thanks for adopting.:love:

01-18-09, 10:46 am
Lucky pigs :D I'm sure they'll live a long, happy life !