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01-12-09, 12:20 pm
Hello All,

I first sign on to C&C forum back in 2006 but I never posted anything. I didn't have a piggie then and still don't as of today. Our family's first guinea pig was named Saugage we got her back in 1997. She was a wonderfull pet and lived almost 7 years. She was a pet store special at 9.99 because she was almost fully growen. After she passed on I didn't want another piggie. Opening the frig door and not hearing her whistle for goodies was painful. I decided we would get a dog. I was afaid of the stress a dog would cause to my elderly pig.
I do feel bad looking at all the wonderfull fleece lined cages. I wish Saugage could have had that:weepy:
I found a guinea pig on criaglist I'm calling the owner back on Tues. I also found a pair and trio in rescue from petfinder, I'm hoping to meet them this weekend.
Thanks for a wonderfull site I've really learn alot.

01-12-09, 12:28 pm
Welcome back to GPC! I'm sure you will find the perfect set of piggies for you soon enough.

01-12-09, 12:30 pm
Welcome back to you! Welcome back to you! Welcome back rabbitrose!

01-12-09, 04:11 pm
Welcome back to GPC!
Do share some pics when you have your piggies!

01-12-09, 04:20 pm
Welcome. Thank you for adopting and good luck.