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01-09-09, 06:19 pm
Hi there all piggy lovers:love:

Im a 23 year old Norwegian girl who lives in the UK with my fiance and recently bought 2 6months old male guinea pigs from a family who had lost their interest in them.One is a rosett who I've named george and the other is a "normal" (dunno all the races yet!) one named him Simon.They are really cute and have LOADSA personality!

Simon is a bit chubby (trying to put him on a little diet at the mo) quite relaxed,loves his food and is the dominating one.George is a bit smaller and is a bit of a copy cat...he'll see if simon eats /does somethin first and then he'll give it a go as well,he he...They are very lively and talkative and I cant wait till I get some coroplast so I can give them a greater home.

Read a bit around here and think I'll give fleece a go,sounds cost effective and comfortable for the piggies:)

So thats a bit about me...

Would also like to say thanks to the guys who made this website!Very informative and fun.Thanks a million:cheerful:

01-11-09, 07:00 am
would have been nice with a hello?lol

01-11-09, 07:09 am
Welcome to GPC. Pigtures are welcome!

01-11-09, 10:28 am
Welcome to GPC! And as Dra said, we love pictures! It sounds like you have some lucky pigs there.

01-11-09, 10:41 am
Hey there! I saw your pics, one is an Abyssinian (I have two Abys), I think you named him George, and one looks like a Satin American (also known as English Cavy), that is Simon I think. Have fun, take good care of them and post new pigtures!

01-11-09, 11:45 am
Hello & welcome to GPC!

Glad you are going to provide a bigger better home for your piggy.

01-11-09, 05:14 pm
Hi again!

Thank you for all your welcomes:cheerful: Great to know what kind of guinea pigs I actually have, so thank you for that BubuCandyBlue.

Ive just finished building the new cage for my piggies and they seem to love it.They are jumping around and exploring it!And if I have the strength I will make an upper deck for them tomorrow!Oh I can barely waitlol

01-11-09, 07:19 pm
Welcome! Your pigs sound really cute! Pigs don't need to be put on diets though, as long as they are getting appropriate food (there is plenty of nutrition info on this site). And Simon may just be an American Shorthair, not necessarily a satin. It can be hard to tell in pictures.

01-11-09, 09:23 pm
Welcome to GPC!!!! This is a GREAT place to find info on pigs!