View Full Version : 2nd introduction & 3 piggies!!

12-31-08, 01:18 am
So I was on here a few months ago. Pretty much to say hello and that I was interested in getting piggies within the year! And that I was just doing research until then. You guy's were very helpful and I've learned a lot!

Anyway the perfect opportunity happend for me to adopt sooner then I had thought and what could be a better time but Christmas time lol !! And it's perfect too because at my humane society they rarely have piggies for some reason. Tons of ferrets but I think they'd drive my dog insane as my hamster perplexes him as it is lol. Anyway what is the MAIN guinea pig chat/showcase threads that I should be posting day to day stuff and sharing photos? Just want to post in the right places so as not to annoy anyone!

Anyway here are the three and they will be in a large c&c cage too!




12-31-08, 08:00 am
Hello & welcome!

They are all such beauties & cuties... love the pics.
I am glad you had such a great Holiday gift to gift (home for the piggies) & receive (the piggies).

I am sure you have already known of Ly&pigs (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-everything-you-need-know-about-cavys-diet-read-me-nutrition-charts-info.html) easy to follow guide for feeding the piggies, and also know that you have enjoyed this sites wonderful info as I have.

Thanks for sharing the cute pics, also a great New Year with your piggies!