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12-26-08, 07:02 pm
First off, thanks for clicking! Hopefully my question hasn't been asking a million times and if it has, I'm terribly sorry. I just really want the most recent and up to date information. Not to mention, I would love to hear about piggys thriving with this type of bedding.

So, currently my piggy is bedded down with Carefresh Ultra (the white kind) but I'm changing the cage every two days and that's just not economical anymore. A big bag of Carefresh Ultra is $25 and I only make so much money. Plus, I don't want to dip into my "veggie" fund.

Is there another type of bedding available? Something safe and easy. I can't try Fleece because my mother does laundry and would flip a gasket if I added more to her weekly loads. So Fleece is out.

I'm also highly (as in hives everywhere the size of walnuts) allergic to Aspen shavings. I'm not sure about pine... Anyone else have similar problems? I know I'm not allergic to pet dander. I have two dogs, three cats, three horses, and Daisy of course, and I've never broken out with any of them.

Thank you so much for reading. I just don't want to put Daisy on anything that might be harmful. I had a Hamster as a kid, but he died after six months. We used Aspen shavings, I changed the cage bi-weekly, fed him the proper diet. I couldn't figure out what had did him in! Still don't know. I just don't want a mysterious illness to creep up and get my Precious D!

12-26-08, 07:20 pm
I used carefresh and I liked it for the most part but it was not good on my wallet. I use fleece and I wouldn't use anything else. So unfortunately I don't think I have any other ideas.

12-26-08, 07:26 pm
Yeah, I was thinking fleece would be a good idea but my mom is very adament about me not using her brand new washer / dryer set on a "gerbil" (sigh, yes she refers to Daisy as a gerbil-- I love and respect my mother honestly, but GUINEA PIG! GUINEA PIG!!!)... I guess I could take her stuff to a laundromat or something. I'll have to research the cost on that. I change her bedding so frequently I might be in the hole on that one too!