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12-21-08, 12:44 pm
Hey everyone. I'm Lan. I have recently fallen in love with guinea pigs and got my first one on Friday. Her name is Christine. She is a beige & white Abyssinian. I am planning on getting her a cage mate, just not right now. I also have a Dachshund Mix, two ringneck doves, 3 hamsters, a tokay gecko and a swordtail fish. I'm looking forward to meeting everybody:D .


12-21-08, 02:30 pm
Welcome! You've got quite a houseful. If yo do get a new guinea pig remember to adopt.

12-22-08, 04:27 pm
Welcome! Yes Yes please adopt! Everyone here is very nice.

12-22-08, 06:06 pm
Welcome to GPC! Upload some pictures if you can.

12-23-08, 09:14 am
Everyone here is very nice.
I know some people who would disagree....lol

Anyway, Welcome to the forums. Remember to adopt your new piggie. Pigutres are welcome at any time. ;)

12-23-08, 12:30 pm
Don't worry I will adopt and I will post some pics of Kristine when she a little more settled.

12-23-08, 12:36 pm
Welcome :) I have six guinea pigs.