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12-19-08, 05:30 pm
Howdy all,

I'm watching some guinea pigs for a lady near me, and the newest aditions to her family were supose to be males, but too me they look like little girls.

I'll take some photos and post them to see what you guys think. The lady is just as baffled as me because she was just wanting to get one male, but got three guineas that where supose to be male, and than rehome the other two when it was time, , but now she is kind of mad at the lady that gave them to her.

Also i wanted to know if girls have thoes oil glands on there buts like boys? On pig looks to have the gland, soooo ?????


it's realyy realy crappy but let me describe. when i open the area the pink bump just goes in...??? my boys are outites, but than could a guy just have a reaaallly small.....O.o

Anyway! So the names are tiger, pig, and kawala, and the boys i'm watching are lamb chop and pork chop.


12-19-08, 05:37 pm
Your photo is way too big. It's 3848 x 2763 pixels or 50 x 38 inches.

Here's a resized version: http://i43.tinypic.com/t5hv7k.png

From what I can see, it looks female-
But, this may help for sexing pigs: Guinea Lynx :: Sexing Pups (http://www.guinealynx.info/sexing_pups.html)

12-19-08, 05:52 pm
Sorry! :blush: i was in a hurry to post, put the guinea pig up, and than get something to eat..plus my ferrets got out into the guinea pig side of my room. O.O

I think they are female because they don't look anything like my males! Also, do females have oil glands on there butt?!?!?!?!

How would you age a guinea pig? would it have to do with weight?

12-19-08, 07:24 pm
look like a girl to me but check that link that lauren&pigs left you- they have really good photos there to help, and im not sure how to check age.

12-20-08, 09:14 am
i looked on the website it still doesn't say if the girls have a oil gland..

12-20-08, 09:47 am
Yes, the females and males both have grease glands.

Guinea Lynx :: Grooming (http://www.guinealynx.info/grooming.html#grease_gland)

Some sows and some boars have active grease glands that can be a challenge to clean.
The easiest way to age a guinea pig would be weighing, yes.

12-20-08, 09:51 am
Thank you very much!

So i give you guys the weight, can you guys tell em the averge age? or is there a chart?