View Full Version : My piggie seems unable to eat properly

t&ds mum
12-17-08, 03:48 am
This morning I fed my pigs as usual and noticed that my oldest girl Dixie (about 4-5yrs) seemed unable or unwilling to eat much.
She would go to pick up a piece of veg but end up just sniffing it and it was like she couldn't pick it up, although she did manage a few bites here and there and I think she may have eaten some dried food.
Normally she just chows down.

She was also a bit lethargic so I took her to the vet this afternoon and he did a fairly thorough check including her teeth and he put some sort of scope in her mouth to look her back ones and he said they look ok, slightly 'spiky' but he couldn't see any major problems.

Tonight when I put the food down it was the same thing. Obviously if it continues I will take her back to the vet but any ideas what it might be? She is not drooling and has no crustiness of the eyes or anything.

I have done a search and am wondering if it could be gastric torsion (sp?) or a blockage if it's not her teeth? There is a possibility she may have ingested some tape that was on a box she chewed. She seems to be pooping normally at this stage..IDK..any ideas?

12-17-08, 12:54 pm
Sounds like maloclussion Guinea Lynx :: Malocclusion of the Teeth (http://www.guinealynx.info/malocclusion.html)

Can you get a second opinion from a cavy vet?

Sounds like he had trouble looking at the molars properly. If there are spurs on the molars, they would cause her to stop eating and they need to be filed down.

A dental x ray may help.

Handfeed in the meantime Guinea Lynx :: Hand Feeding (http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html)

If she is able to poop, there is little chance of blockage but an x ray would rule that out.

12-17-08, 12:55 pm
Guinea Lynx :: Teeth (http://www.guinealynx.info/teeth.html)

Have you looked at guinea lynx? Your piggy may have to be sedated for the vet to get a good look at the back teeth. Are you weighing daily, if not start. That will let you know that she is eating. Those slightly spikey teeth could be much worse. If they are causing pain she will not eat. If she is not eating, you will need to hand feed her to keep her gut going. Guinea lynx has info on that too. You should get some critical care from your vet.

Gastric torsion, if it is like any other animal, she will need to be taken back to the vet immediately for care.

Either way a vet visit is needed sooner rather than later.

t&ds mum
12-18-08, 04:15 pm
Thanks for the replies.
She is able to eat veg if I put her on my lap and feed it to her but still has problems if it's just in the cage.
I am taking her back to the vet today.
Unfortunately I don't know of any vets in my area that specialise in guinea pigs or small animals..I don't think we tend to have that in New Zealand.