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12-16-08, 02:48 pm
Hello! My name is Carrie, I just registered today. I'm 26 and live in Colorado (as you could probably tell from my user name). I am preparing to be a first time guinea pig owner. I have adopted 2 males from a rescue called Cavy Care Inc. in Aurora, Colorado. I get to pick them up on January 7th. I'm getting so excited! I'm going out of state for the holidays and will be gone for 3 weeks, so I will be picking them up as soon as I fly back.

I have already made their cage to be prepared for their arrival. I built a 3x5 C&C cage. It turned out even better than I had pictured it in my head. I'll post some pictures of it when I pick up my boys. (No point in showing an empty cage.)

I have been doing so much reading here and a few other places, I feel like I'm going to be so prepared, and that makes me feel confident that things will go well. I lool forward to having like-minded people to talk to if any problem should arise.

It's so nice to meet you all and I look forward to talking to you in the future!!!

12-16-08, 02:53 pm
Welcome! I'm glad you took the good route and adopted! I'm so glad. We see to many members buying these days. But I guess we all started out that way.

12-16-08, 03:14 pm
AnimalHouse 36, thanks for the warm welcome!

I'm really glad that I did a lot of research before making the decision to take in an animal. If I wouldn't have done the legwork, I may not have found out about options other than buying from a store. I must admit that I did not realize how many piggies were in resues and shelters before I started this search. Now that I know the truth, it really makes me very sad.

12-16-08, 04:01 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Please do share some pics!

12-16-08, 05:19 pm
Welcome. :) Hope to see some pictures of your piggies soon!!! And kudos for doing plenty of research AND adopting your first pigs!!

01-08-09, 05:29 pm
Well, I'm officially a cavy Mama! I picked up my boys from the rescue yesterday. They had a long car ride home, but they seem to have handled it well.

It's funny, Gus is by far the biggest of the two, but Cuy is far more dominant. Gus is the name he was given at the rescue and we decided to keep it as it seems to suit him. The name that Cuy came with was too hard for my 4 year old son to say. We picked Cuy because my husband is an Executive Chef, so the name is an homage to his talents....(don't worry, we promise not to eat himlol ).

They are eating well. Scarfing up their veggies, and eating an acceptable amount of pellets. But they don't seem too interested in their water bottles. I'll keep an eye on their water levels.

Here are their pigtures!!!

This is Cuy...


And this is Gus... (Gus is much harder to get a pic of, so it didn't turn out well)


01-08-09, 05:32 pm
They are adorable! Your gus looks alot like my Mickey!

01-08-09, 05:39 pm
My husband thinks Gus looks like a bear :cheerful: . I think he does too, especially from behind. Sorry the pic is so blurry, he doesn't want to stay still!


01-08-09, 07:32 pm
awww... just too cute! Love your pics!

01-08-09, 07:52 pm
Doesn't everyone's pig run from their owners :D

Furry's Friend
01-09-09, 11:03 am
Cuy looks a lot like my Furry. Glad you did so much research before getting your guinea pigs. Many people take owning pets much too casually. My daughter's friend got a hamster a few months ago. She kept it in an 8-inch-wide clear-plastic cage with no food, water bottle, or anything. I tried to explain to her mother how to care for it, but unfortunately the poor animal died within a week. Thankfully they did not get another pet.

01-13-09, 02:04 pm
So, I have a question. I've had my boys for 6 days now, and tomorrow they are having their first vet visit. It's just a check-up to have a baseline on them, and to get familiar with the vet. They seem to be healthy so I have no specific concerns. But I'm wondering if there are specific things I should ask them to check, or if you have any suggestions that might be helpful for me.

The vet I'm seeing was recommended to me by Cavy Care, Inc., the rescue that I adopted them from, so I'm assuming she knows her stuff. But I would just feel better if I had some idea of what to expect and how to make the most of their first visit.

01-14-09, 06:37 pm
So, I just got back from my boys' first vet visit, and I was a little surprised. It was supposed to be just a well-visit, but it turned out they have mites and URI's!!! The vet said that they are just in the early stages of both, so that would explain why I haven't noticed any symptoms. So they both got an injection of Ivermectin and an oral suspension of Bactrim. I'm taking them both back in 10 days for another Ivermectin injection.

I know that both of these issues are fairly common, so I know it's not too serious, especially since they are both in the early stages, but I am surprised because the rescue I got them from seemed like they were really on top of their pigs health. I hope the rest of their pigs are OK. Do you think I should let them know? Or is it just a given that rescues probably have issues?

01-14-09, 06:46 pm
Oh wow, I am sorry to hear that your piggies are sick, I hope they get well soon. Your a great mom!