View Full Version : A very ignorant question about fleece

12-13-08, 01:42 pm
Please excuse my ignorance, I've read the fleece project, and been looking at the wonderful pictures of cages lined with fleece. My cage will have fairly high coroplast sides, so I don't think that using binder clips to clip it to the sides will work. I've seen lots of wonderful pictures here of fleece lined cages where the fleece seems nicely tucked under the towel/mattress pads, or whatever underbedding you are using. Does it stay, or does the piggie pull it up? How much extra fleece is tucked underneath? I bought a few yards of fleece at Walmart (no fun patterns, but great price). And I'm trying to decide how/where to cut it to make at least 3 full sets of bedding, so I'll always have a clean fleece even if one set is in the wash. I have a 2X3 grid cage. It's 27' x 41". What size should I cut my fleece so that it stays put?

I'd like the fleece to be tight, so I can use an old dustbuster to vacuum the poops every day.

How do I keep it tight and neat? Since the cage is small, I'd rather not take up space with bricks in the corners to hold the fleece down.

I feel like this is a stupid question. But just how should I cut, attach, and keep my fleece in position.

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance.

12-13-08, 02:18 pm
I tuck my fleece about 3 inches under my towels. They don't burrow underneath it or try to pull it apart. I just make sure I have a safe place for them to hide. I usually put a loose piece of fleece in there that they can hide and burrow under.

12-13-08, 06:52 pm
I use a lot of fleece remnants and can't always clip my fleece these days, so I find that 3-4" tucks nicely under, and I use a few river rocks to hold down the fleece in the corners of my single guy's cage because he's a burrower. I also have to leave him some loose fleece or a towel corner hanging down. He's a snuggler! But the rocks help keep it down when I vacuum it, and Mogwai likes to jump over them when he's zooming.