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12-10-08, 05:58 pm
I have been using these pine shavings and I'm almost positive my guinea pig is healthy but to save money I might start using the fleece technique and then make a litter box/kitchen.

I need some help though,

First of all, I have 2 guinea pigs and a 2x3.5 grid cage size or something like that, so how much 100% polyester blanket would I have to buy so that if I cut it in half I will have enough to rotate them in the cage so one will be used while the other is being washed.

Can it be 100% polyester blanket?
Or does it have to be fleece?
What are some websites/links where I can order some for a good cost?

This is how I should set my cage up right?
Have a box with my pine shavings and hay racks and water as the "litter box" and then the rest is fleece with a towel under that and newspaper at the bottom.

How should I put the fleece in my C&C cage so that the guinea pigs won't get under it, should i have the grids inside the coroplast or outside also.

Any other suggestions for this fleece project would be great!
Thanks so much!!!! Please try to make your answers help me out as much as possible, and please dont just give me a link to the fleece project thread.


12-10-08, 06:00 pm
Everything you need to know is in that fleece project.

How much blanket you need? It depends, they all have different sizes. Yes 100% polyester is associated with fleece.
Under your fleece yes, you put towels, or mattress pad, or anything that absorbs, because the fleece will get the pee down to that layer.
To hold your fleece use some bricks, or cut it larger, and hold it to your coroplast with office clips or smth. like that, example: http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/13251/ppuser/10799.

Remember to wash your fleece several times before you use it for the 1st time. And never use softener, but vinegard.

12-10-08, 11:06 pm
2x3.5 grid cage is smaller so you will probably have to clean it often so that it doesn't smell. I use just one layer of fleece and four layers of towels underneath. I have hay in some litter boxes and they pee in their mostly. I have a 3x4 grid cage with two guinea pigs. It's high maintenance but totally worth it.