View Full Version : Can pigs get illergic reactions

01-10-05, 04:20 pm
Can the cavies get illergic reactions such as sneezing because of the bedding? I had this problem before, but then we switched bedding and Sammy was fine is this unusual?

01-10-05, 04:31 pm
Some pigs will sneeze more with certain types of bedding than others. If the bedding materials have a lot of dust in them they can cause the pigs to sneeze more. Try to find the least dustiest material you can for bedding. I noticed you told someone to bed a pig on sand in another thread. Sand is NOT safe for guinea pigs to bed on so please don't use that.

01-10-05, 10:34 pm
My one piggies used to sneeze alot when I used any type of wood shavings, but now with fleece or hay she doesnt sneeze at all.

I agree about the sand, not a good idea at all. Sand sticks to everything and that means food, water etc and that would not be to good for them to ingest over time.

01-11-05, 06:07 pm
lol dont worry I dont even know where to get it :P I dont know where I saw that.. I'm goin to find that webpage and email them...