View Full Version : losing hair

12-02-08, 11:17 pm
We have a male guinea who is losing hair. Can anyone give me some reasons why? The pet store we bought him from is not being helpful. Thank you

12-02-08, 11:32 pm
Read over Guinea Lynx :: Hair Loss (http://www.guinealynx.info/hairloss.html) He likely has mites or fungus.

Pet stores don't really care or are knowledgable. They buy their animals from breeding mills and backyard breeders. They are often inbred and sick with mites, URI and other illnesses.

You can make a big stink with the pet store and often they will reimburse your vet bills. Make it unprofitable for them to sell sick animals.

Please adopt next time.

12-03-08, 09:36 am
Thank you for responding. We will try that and see if it works. If it doesnt we will be taking him to the vet. The people at the pet store where we bought him from were no help at all and they were rather rude. So, tahnk you so much for your help. Nikki