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12-02-08, 05:01 pm
Have been caring for piggies for years. Currently have 20 in my retirement home. Though it will soon be more, as one of my recent adoptions is pregnant.
My piggies are all fantastic, have very unique personalities (or "guineapigalities" as we say in my family) and some have terrible stories before coming to me. But, they're all home now and can live out the rest of their lives in a good and healthy environment.
Good to be here.

12-02-08, 05:14 pm
Welcome to GPC! Hope you enjoy it here.

12-02-08, 06:25 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Harrys Dad
12-02-08, 06:30 pm
20! Holy cow and I thought my 2 were a lot.

12-02-08, 06:34 pm
Welcome to GPC!

12-02-08, 06:53 pm
Welcome to GPC.

Whoa 20?!

Do you run a rescue?!

12-02-08, 09:00 pm
Unofficial rescue. Though I have never rehomed any of my residents. I've thought about it, but have a hard time trusting that they will be taken care of well. I'll likely work my way there someday, but for now, my piggies are residents in retirement here.

All my females live together, along with Timmy, who's nuetered. And some of my males are togther. Made an effort to have them all live together, but there were some big conflicts resulting some injuries. Now, there are a couple who live alone, but next to everyone else in the big C&C cage in the pig room. The pigs have one whole room in my house. Eventually, I will find a way to introduce males so everyone has real company instead of walls between them and their company.

The newest piggies are in the living room for the time being, both in quarantine as well as in close proximity to me so I can keep an eye on the poor little pregnant mama.

Whoa. Way more info than you asked for....:)

12-03-08, 08:48 am
Aww that is so great of you. Some boars have trouble getting along, as you already know, you have more experience than I. I think if they are in a single cage with others, but divided, they can still be quite happy. Good luck with the babies. I hope you can put up some pictures of all your piggies. I would love to see them. I have 4 and they seem like they take up most of my day. I couldn't begin to imagine 20. Hope all goes well with the pregnancy.

12-04-08, 11:25 am
Thanks for the warm welcomes!

I will certainly post pictures once I have the chance and figure out how to go about it. I love to share my piggies with others who can appreciate them. I am bias, of course, but they are all so beautiful!