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12-01-08, 10:37 pm
Change my rabbits litter box, would she still use it?

My rabbit (Emma) has been potty trained for almost a year. She pees in the box, and poops everywhere else.

She has a tiny corner potty, that seems uncomfortably too small. I want to buy a bigger one, but I'm worried she wont use it. I'm assuming she will keep using it, but, shes my first potty trained rabbit.

She's also not spayed, if that helps.

12-01-08, 11:59 pm
As long as you are using the same litter and it is in the same spot, it should be okay. To possibly help, you could even put a little bit of the used litter in the new litter box so it smells like her. I have never had rabbits not use a new litter box, so I am hoping she will be the same. Good luck!

12-02-08, 05:41 pm
When I was fostering rabbits last year their little box fell apart so I bought a new one. I just put some of the clean old litter and they were fine.

12-05-08, 10:55 pm
Some elderbuns [6+ years] get attached to their litterboxes, toys, etc and are very "set in their ways." Other than that, no, your bun will probably keep on keeping on and may even use her litterbox more now that it's the appropriate shape [rabbits aren't triangles].

Why isn't she spayed? Can she not be put under anesthesia or something?
Unless she has a health complication, it's very important that she be spayed. 80% of unfixed female bunnies die from reproductive cancers and other complications that can be avoided alltogether by spaying.

12-06-08, 02:24 am
Why isn't she spayed?

I want to get her spayed, but my parents aren't too keen on the idea. Since it can be quite expensive. And I certainly don't have the money to pay for it.