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11-30-08, 01:13 pm
One of my guinea pigs has been sneezing alot lately. I dont know why as they are kept inside during the winter as it is too cold outside. So he cant have picked anything up from out there? And no one in the house has a cold or anything like that? So i am not sure why.
Does anyone know why this is happening and what i should do?
I am currently sat in the same room as them and every few minutes he sneezes!

11-30-08, 01:38 pm
Does anyone know why this is happening and what i should do?

Have you read this? Guinea Lynx :: URI (http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html)

Sneezing as often as you're describing isn't normal, so you probably should take him to a vet to be sure he's ok.

12-01-08, 01:50 pm
I dont think it is URI as he has none of these symptoms.
I will keep an eye on him, and maybe take a visit to the vet.

Percy's Mom
12-01-08, 11:49 pm
Frequent sneezing is definitely a sign of a URI and is listed on the page you were given a link to. Your pig needs to see a vet. Often by the time a pig shows any symptoms at all, the illness is already pretty far along.

12-03-08, 05:38 pm
Brother Pig is having the same problem, but it isn't URI. He still poops, he still eats, he still drinks. It's hard to notice the other features, when he still mostly runs from me. Oh yeah, he runs, and is far from lethargic. In fact, he just started this cute little thing where he stretches out for me to pet him. Oh yeah, and his sneezes (coughs?) are as loud as a human child. Very unnatural, and I bet it hurts. I really do need help.

12-03-08, 07:15 pm
Have you read guinea lynx? It can be really helpful when it comes to illness. Coughing more than once a week is unhealthy but sneezing a few times a week isn't. I would be worried if he's wheezing or coughing.

12-03-08, 09:57 pm
Both pigs described really need to see a vet. It's hard for people to really give a good diagnosis over the computer, especially since we cant see the pigs to determine their symptoms ourselves. And most of us aren't vets. Coughing, especially that loud, is bad. And Sneezing that frequent, is also bad.

12-03-08, 11:57 pm
Sneezing and coughing is not normal.

How do you know it is not URI? They are prey animals and hide their symptoms until it is too late. They go downhill fast.

12-04-08, 04:25 am
Any idea how much a vet visit for my pig-demon is going to cost me? This is pig is devouring my christmas bonus, lol. He's lucky I love furry things too much to just let him croak.

12-04-08, 06:18 am
:) It could be expensive and you'll need an exotic vet that specializes in small animals. I've never personally had to deal with onne but a vet visit could be anywhere from $50-$150. ALot of peole here who have trouble affording things put away a vet fund that they put all their extra money towards.

Also, if you find it hard to buy pelllets and hay, it's easier to buy in bulk. You can but pellets in the freezer up to six months and with the proper ventilation, hay can be kept for quite some time. Hope I could be of some help!

12-04-08, 04:19 pm
Both the pigs here should see a vet. Like AnimalHouse said, a vet visit can run anywhere from $50-$150.My vet charges $70 for a visit. Medicine can run anywhere from $20 to $50. Yeah, expensive, I know. But my little furballs are worth it..even though I am the *only* girl in my classes who spends her weekend shopping for her pigs instead of herself. :)

12-04-08, 05:01 pm
I've already looked up a pig vet, so I know where to find one.

12-04-08, 06:49 pm
THE SOLUTION! So, after deciding that even though I only saw my pig-demon eat the pine chips once, I plan on replacing it. I did some research in the forum, and found and article about pine chips possibly making rodents sick. I'm not a hundred percent, but I do believe that he started his sneezing after I bought the chips. I'll change it out for something else. THANK YOU FORUM PEOPLE! If only I could thank all you that have helped me in person. I'd probably squish your guts out with a hug.