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11-22-08, 02:15 pm
Hi I'm torgrosset & I'm a newbie. :)
I bought 2 female piggies for my daughters in the summer, and we love them so much :love: we've since expanded, so we now have 4 :eek: !!! But no more LOL
They are called Ariel (although sometimes called Belle depending upon my 3 year old daughters mood), Tootsie, Pepper and Truffle.
Ariel & Tootsie are litter sisters and are both tortie & white smooth haired. Pepper is a reddy/ginger colour with red eyes & I think she's a ridgeback, however she also has a rosette.
Truffle is brown and black mixtue (can't remember the proper colour name) and is an Abby with lots of rosettes.
They were kept outside during the summer months, in a traditional hutch and attached run.
However, they are inside now in a 4x2 C&C cage with a 2x1 upper level - I'm quite proud of it LOL :D . I'd love to keep them inside all year, however I'm limited for space and can't make the C&C cage any bigger :weepy: and I'm concerned that it really isn't big enough for them all. So, I think we'll see how it goes and maybe they can go out in sunny warm weather!!!
I need to take some photos, but once I do I'll post them.