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11-19-08, 01:27 pm
I'm looking to adopt my first two piggies towards the end of this month. I'll be researching and setting up their new home in the coming weeks and stumbled upon this website. I think the cages are a great idea and so much better then the wire one I think we used when I was a child. I have much to learn and look forward to chatting with you guys. I've contacted one rescue group here who had an adorable boy up for adoption and just noticed another thread on here with other agencies if he happens to be gone. I'm a vegan and quite passionate about adoption (of any animal of course) over buying from breeders and certainly not from pet stores. I live with a roommate, a mastiff, a pit bull mix and a beta fish currently. I look forward to getting to know you guys and thanks in advance for the help!

Erin Lee
11-19-08, 02:00 pm
Hello Blakey. I just registered today too. I'm also vegan and I think it's just too cool that there's a vegetarian section of these forums. This is the first pet forum I've encountered that makes any kind of connection between the animals we pet and the animals we eat. I adopted my guinea pigs this past Saturday. You will love them, we're enthralled with ours.

jade <3 piggies
11-19-08, 02:12 pm
Welcome to GPC. :)

I am looking to adopt by the end of this month too. Good luck!

And I was a vegetarian for 6 years of my life. It's nice that you are a vegan. :3

11-19-08, 02:44 pm
Erin - I was excited about that section also :)

Jade - Thanks for the welcome :)

11-19-08, 05:18 pm
Welcome to GPC!

Hope you love it here as much as I do!lol