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Ginni and Zoey
02-24-03, 12:21 pm
ok, it me again. well im 99% sure she is pregnant and i think she should have them in one to two weeks after reading she sound pretty far along, well i call the (stupid, sorry) pet store i got her from and i ask if they have males and females together and all cheerful he said yes, so i told hime about mine and was all, "yes that happens" well hellllooooo take the boys out and have the boys in one cage and the girls in one, i even know that.(i didnt tell him that, he scare me ) so he replys "we try and not sell they pregnant" well hello again they are over the age thats going to happen! grrrr... i guess i cant be to mad because i got her from the pet store but she look just like the one i was looking for :mad:

ill update ya on the babies, i just hope it a good birth and it so smooth. all i can do is hope:eek: