View Full Version : quilting with bedding filler

R.J. Messier
11-14-08, 09:17 am
hello all,

have tried a new bedding concept, have taken normal bed sheet type of material, got an impervious backing, sewed them together with a filling of fresh care bedding, it acts like the fleece but is disposiable and the kids have a sewing project. I will be putting pictures in later. just asking what dose anyone think. it seems to be working well.

thank for your comments.

R.J. Messier
11-17-08, 09:04 am
The quiting project did not work well. The regular fabric did not wick the urine well, so don't try it. I guess if you use fleece I bet it would work. I would attach a velcro side for eptying and re-filling.