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11-12-08, 12:26 pm
I was thinking about my phase when my son was a baby. I made some really nice little cloth diapers with cotton flannel layers. I thought- why not for the pig cage?

So I used 4 layers of white cotton flannel material (on sale this last weekend at Joann fabric) sewed it to one layer of fleece (my sewing machine was NOT happy with me lol. So maybe if I make another one the fleece will not be sewed onto the flannel.).

The fleece wicked very well and the flannel absorbed great! It seemed to dry the urine pretty quickly and I changed it out after 3 days. It didn't seem to smell but I like to have things pretty clean, so I aim for 3 days.

I washed it and it's in the dryer- had to go a little longer with an additional dry cycle.

Might be worth a try for someone, worked well for me on the first try :)

11-12-08, 01:05 pm
As an off topic question, what sewing machine do you have? I've just bought one from Kmart, the cheapest one, to readjust my pillow cases. It's very hard to replace the lower bobbin, don't even want to say about the rest. Maybe I am going to return it and buy from Sears.
I am thinking of course, to make things for my boys, cozies and such and probably the sewing machine will hate me as much as it annoys me if I am gonna try such a fluffy and thick material !

11-12-08, 01:11 pm
I got mine from hancock fabricks, "Home" is the brand, I think.

It is the $99 one, and it's pretty finicky about which thread I use and tends to break a few needles.

I think once this one poops out, I'll get a singer or something midrange.

11-12-08, 01:15 pm
Kenmore is mine...I should learn my lesson not to get so cheap things. Payed like $26. I am searching now also for a Kenmore, something till $80, that of course doesn't have such a problem with he lower bobbin. Can't wait to make my piggies new cozies, and little things for Christmas, like a hat and so. Your idea with cotton flannel is good.

Slave to the Wheek
11-12-08, 01:32 pm
Mine is a Kenmore brand from Sears. We chose the one in the middle cost range and I love it. I've even sewn my Fleece cage comforter bedding with it.

That was:
A layer of fleece, FOUR layers of polyester batting and then a layer of fleece. I could only go a few inches at a time because it was so thick I had to squeeze it down really hard to get it under the pressure foot. The poor thing chugged right along with me though.

By the way, that fleece cage comforter was the best thing I ever did. It was so thick that the urine dried long before it even go to the bottom of the comforter. I sucked poo every day and only had to wash it once a week, sometimes even skipping! I had 2 pigs in a 3x5 grid cage so that helped a lot with the drying since there was plenty of room to take a pee in .

I think we paid $100 and the danged thing has been a super good investment. I DID take a sewing class back in 1974 in 7th grade so I had a tiny bid of memory of how to use a machine from back in the day. We found a cheap plastic case at Target of all places that I keep it in. I can pull it out and set it up in seconds and it's pretty light too! It's something like this one. Nothing digital, just good old fashioned knobs and buttons, and I didn't need any fancy stitching so I chose
Kenmore Sewing Machine with 58 Stitch Functions and Built-In Needle Threader - Model 15358 at Sears.com (http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02015358000P)

The thing has helped me sew up a huge monk costume for my husband too, the faux suede jammed my bobbin a lot because Miss Moron didn't wash the fabric first..but I got through it and the machine didn't care.

haven't even broken a needle yet!

Now..if I only had a surger thingie..so I could hem jeans with it life would be good!

11-12-08, 01:45 pm
Funny, I was looking at the one that has 43 stitch functions, not 58. Don't need that many Kenmore Sewing Machine w/43 Stitch Functions, Built-in Needle Threader - Model 15343 at Sears.com (http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02015343000P?vName=For+the+Home&cName=Sewing+Machines+%26+Accessories&sName=Conventional+Sewing+Machines)
It's a little more cheaper then the one with 58.
Now I have this "plastic" whatever thing Euro-Pro Dressmaker II Sewing Machine - Model 25310511 at Kmart.com (http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_9990000025310511P?vName=For+the+Home&cName=Sewing+Machines+%26+Accessories&sName=Electronic+Sewing+Machines)
ans I was thinking at this at Kmart Kenmore 3/4 Size Sewing Machine - Model 11803 at Kmart.com (http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_011W226156110001P?mv=cf&vName=For+the+Home&cName=Sewing+Machines+%26+Accessories) , but I am afraid of the lower bobbin issue, need to see it in person, not order it online. Then I went online to Sears to see the one with 43 Stitch functions for $10 more. Still thinking on the subject. My grandma sewed a lot, and showed me a few, things that of course went in in one ear, and on the other came out dummy me.

11-12-08, 02:34 pm
Slave, that sounds like a good machine. Don't think mine would make it through that many layers, it is pretty wimpy. It's dang frustrating when you can only go a few inches at a time and then the thread breaks!

I ended up taking it all apart and cleaning/lubing thoroughly and it works a lot better now.