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11-08-08, 08:44 pm
I'd Like to say that I am new... But! I've always used this as a reference, for looking for new cage ideas and such, Now I'm a member, I love it!

I have two little boys! Gizmo, He's an abby, sweet little boy, my first Love. Then My second love Gadget (also an abby), we really don't have a particular name. He was sick when I got him, and He has since gotten better. He had an ear infection which tilted his head..And Now he's got the permanent tilt, So I call him tilt lol. I'm a gp addict I have never fallen in love like this before, they have always been my pride, and I Love the way they always brighten my day.

They have fleece, yes, I spoil them! A Larg c & C Gage! Along with fresh veg, and Hay All day long. Their fav. veg. Is cherry Tomatoes And crisp green Lettuce!! Oh and not to mention the free range of the floor in my apartment. And it's great when I go to pick them up, they run, and they know after a hard days work I'm not much for chasing, and they go in circles around my coffee table like the little agile piggies they are!!

My fiance and I have decided not to have kids. So we have Guinea pigs! My mother comes over to see her grand pigs, I think it's cute. I would give them so much more, but I am limited in space, but provide more than necessary.

I have always been an animal Lover, but when I saw Gizmo just sitting there when we first met, It was love. He was all alone. he didn't squirm when I picked him up, and He was very loving the day I brought him home. Of course getting used to our place was new, but we together got over it.

We got our newest addition, Gadget (tilt) About 6 months after bringing Gizmo Home. I saw him, Very hyper, I thought that he would be a nice addition to the family we are creating.When we brought him home He was three weeks, And a terror! He didn't sit still and would dart around and out of my arms, I couldn't hold him for any amount of time, due to the fact that he would climb right off of me. He would never fall asleep in my arms. He was a very skittish piggie (still is, in certain ways) when we got him home. He has since calmed down.

He and Gizmo Fought and pushed over everything. I had to feed them at different times, and I couldn't feed fruits or veg at the same time because it was always a fight over it. But they settled their differences, and now they are inseparable! Well... They still have their moments and that's nothing I can control, but they have learned how to share, which is a big step! They have become closer than ever, just the way...Family should be!

:love:They brighten my day and I will Never be the same without them!:love:

11-09-08, 07:49 am
Well, welcome! I'm glad to hear that you love your piggies! This site is so helpful (as I see you've found already); I don't know where I would be without it! What size is their C&C? It sounds like a great cage!

11-09-08, 07:53 am
It's an open multi Level, 2x3 on top and bottom.Trying to make it bigger, I've got them set up in my dining room/living room On top of an old desk! They Love the View of my whole apartment they can see everything!!

11-09-08, 07:59 am
That sounds great! Have fun with them!

11-09-08, 11:19 am
You and your piggies sound so sweet. My mom is the same way my pigs! It's fun. Hope you continue to enjoy the site and Welcome.

11-09-08, 11:55 am
Grand pigs lmao. That gave me a good laugh.

11-09-08, 08:45 pm
Welcome! My boyfriend's mother calls my piggie the grand guinea pig too.:D (That is when she doesn't forget to not call it a hamster.)

11-10-08, 10:34 am
Hello & welcome!

Its so great to see such passionate GP owners on this site (this site changed my views as well in a very good way), much inspirations from all. Wished I found this site sooner so I wouldn't have missed out all these years looking for my perfect children (lol!).

GPs are so wonderful... you can have them sleep in your arms, roam to pay you a visit, call you for attention, play tug o war with you, definitely cuddle by your side & the cherry on top they are absolutely adorable munchkins just like a baby!

I love them too! :)