View Full Version : My Guinea Pigs are Fighting! HELP!!!

11-06-08, 07:09 pm
Hello there,
We have 4 male guinea pigs. Two are a little over a year old and the other two are about 6 months old or so. They are all about the same size. One of the younger ones has been attacking the other younger one. It has gotten to the point that at times the other 2 older guinea pigs will aide in the attack against him. In the last couple of days he has gotten a split and bleeding ear, huge tufts of fur taken off and ALOT of cuts along his back side. What do I do?!?! These are my 7 year old son's guinea pigs and he loves them to death, but I don't want the others to seriously injur the other one. Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated. We don't have room for another cage. The cage their in is quite big, it's a C&C cage that we made.

11-08-08, 02:31 pm
You should separate them because they are drawing blood. I suggest that you section off a part of the cage for the one that is being attacked with grids so they still have each other for company but can't hurt each other. Because of their age, adolescence is a good possibility and they may be fighting to sort out dominance. Maybe you should keep them separated for a while and then give them a buddy bath or something? Wait for someone else to tell you, maybe someone with more experience.

11-09-08, 01:30 pm
I had the same thing happen to me. I tried the bath and that was fine for about ten minutes until they got into a serious fight and bit right through my finger. Needless to say they arent housed together now. Some pigs just dont get along. I would separate a section of the cage for him so he can still interact with the other pigs and not feel lonely. There is a great section on the cavy spirit website about socialization and how to introduce pigs and try to get them to get along. Hope it all works out for you!