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10-26-08, 11:46 am
:cheerful: Hi all!
Im new here and found this great cavy site hoping to find guinea pig breeders in Oklahoma. I want to purchase one or two just weaned females, sisters or unrelated. After researching breeds Id like to find white crested, Abyssinian Satin, Teddy Satin or Himalayan breeds in OK or nearby TX, KS, & AR. Show quality considered. If you have any or know of breeders in central OK, please contact me.

If you have other breed suggestions for a first time cavy owner feel free to jump in! I AM a responsible pet owner, parrot breeder, and want to do everything right for my first guinea pig. :cheerful:

10-26-08, 01:04 pm
Welcome! You'll find tons of guinea pig info here. You said you're going to a breeder? Please, don't buy from a breeder. There's a lot of unwanted guinea pigs are are perfectly nice and healthy waiting in shelters and rescues. Breeders are contributing to the overpopulation and are mostly 'backyard breeders' who just care about profits, not the animals. Try www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) to find some. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

10-26-08, 01:46 pm
This is a anti breeding, pro rescue website. I don't know where you got the impression you'd find any breeders here?

In fact, there are two rescue /placement forums here.

Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die.

If you were looking at Satins, you should really read up on the illnesses they are prone to. Teddies can be prone to the same things. Breeders often only care about looks so they keep breeding sickly guinea pigs.

I suggest you go by personality rather than breed or gender.

For care and medical info, please read www.guinealynx.info

10-26-08, 02:04 pm
Sure glad I came to this forum because I've already learned where to find my new friend; anyone have links to these organizations in OKLA or surrounding states? I had no idea they were over populated or that there were cavy rescues. Sorry for stepping on your toes, there, luv. :o Why do they end up in rescues in the first place?

Are there very young guinea pigs at these rescues? How hard is it to tame an older one? You see, I have no interest in one I can't handle.

Which breeds have the best personalities?

Should I take these questions to another forum?

10-26-08, 02:15 pm
Welcome! Pigs end up in rescues for different situations, some because families need to move out of state, and they have no place for their pigs to go. There's a variety of ages and breeds at rescues. Older pigs at rescues can be very sweet as well! Often times the pigs were cared for very well prier to coming to the rescue. The rescue will know the personalities of the pigs, and help you pick out the right one for you.

Try checking petfinder.com, they have pigs to adopt, as well as listed rescues and shelters.

10-26-08, 02:28 pm
Many times pigs end up in shelters/rescues because of backyard breeders. Backyard breeders don't know the history of the pigs but decide it would be fun to have babies for whatever reason. Some backyard breeders breed to sell them to people or small petstores. Petstore and breeders' pigs usually they aren't taken care of properly (ie: diet and housing) so they never get unlimited hay, veggies and high quality pellets. They are normally housed in tiny breeder cages where they are super cramped and often get sick because of poor conditions.

Before you get a guinea pig, take the time to research the needs. They are high maintenance pets. They need large spacious cages, they need to be in same sex pairs (or one altered/one unaltered pairs), they need a good diet with lots of hay and fresh veggies and they need floor time regularly.

You mentioned you are looking for show quality pigs. Are you planning on showing them?

As far as what breed is the friendliest, there is none. It all depends on the personality of the individual pigs.

10-26-08, 02:33 pm
Yes, there would be babies at the rescue from surrendered pigs who are pregnant, but maybe not all of the time so you should keep checking if you can't find them at one point. As Lauren&Pigs said, many of the older ones are very tame because they've been previously handled and learned to trust humans.

10-26-08, 02:37 pm
Guinea pigs are surrendered for the same reasons dogs, cats and other animals are. You can find rescues for all breeds. You can find baby guinea pigs and younger ones in rescues, just like you can find puppies and kittens to rescue.

Adult guinea pigs in rescue are not sickly or untame. In fact, they are often the tamest, much tamer than any pet store pigs. Some of the tamest pigs I've seen came directly from shelters.

Like I said, check out the adoption forums here, and the links I gave you.

10-26-08, 03:14 pm
I found one in an OKC shelter! :love: There was no information about her on the web site but she sure is a cutie. I'll go see her tomorrow. Here's her picture:


10-26-08, 03:34 pm
Aww, she's a cutie! Congrats!

10-26-08, 03:51 pm
Hello and welcome! I'm very glad you decided to adopt!

I hope you don't plan on showing. It's very stressful for a piggie having rough hands and lots and lots of noise. You see guinea pigs are prey animals so you can imagine how spooky that would be!

GUinea pigs can be tamed at any age.

I got my guinea pigs at 3 weeks but now that they'realmost two I seem to like them as older piggies. THey are much cuddlier than the spazy bbies!