View Full Version : Ello from Cheeko, Sadie, and Kittanya!

10-19-08, 08:56 pm
Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum and site. My babies are Sadie and Cheeko (as I'm sure you guessed from my username :) ). Sadie is an Abby/Crested/Ridgeback mix full of personaility and sass. I got her from a small pet store in Tacoma, of which the owner probably hates me, becuase I made him tell me where she came from and everything about her parents. I probably won't get another from a pet store, but I felt I could get her only because she was born in the backroom and he seemed well versed in Pig care. Cheeko is a purebred puruvian who I got from a lady who had gotten her from a girl that was too sick to take care of her. She was going to give him to a shelter, and I wanted to get another baby, so I went ahead and got him from her.. He is a sweety and absolutly Loves his momma. :D And now about me. I am a student at Insight School of Washington (an online high school) and my name is Kittanya. Hope to meet all of you! Buh byes.

10-19-08, 09:42 pm
You are keeping them separate right? You mentioned they are male and female. Oh and I am sure everyone is looking forward to pictures of your babies.