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Baby's mom
10-14-08, 07:11 pm
Hello everyone. I thought I would "pop in", and say "hello". I recognize alot of your names from GuineaLynx, and Guinea Pig Homes.

For those I've never met, allow me to introduce myself. I am Baby's Mom, and I have 2 piggy boys. Brown Sugar is now a 6 month old Abyssinian, and his younger brother, Sylvester is a 6 week old boy. I'm pretty sure Sylvester's a Teddy, but we'll see in time.

They're pictures are on my photo gallery. I saw alot of pictures of your babies, they are all too cute.

Anyway, nice to meet you all, and I look forward to chatting with all of you..

10-14-08, 09:14 pm
Welcome! You'll find me more here than guinea lynx. I only go there when I have a medical issue with a guinea.
This place changed my views on several aspects of animal care, and for the better!

10-18-08, 08:06 pm
Hey Baby's Mom!

10-19-08, 01:19 am
Hi, I am new here as well.. I have 2 baby guinea pigs.. still a little unsure if they are boys or girls or one of each, But they are litter mates. they are both white with red eyes , but one has a brown nose.

10-19-08, 07:37 am
Welcome both of you to GPC! You'll find everything you need to know here. And mommaq31, you can see this page http://cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm to find out if your babies are girls or boys. Boys need to be separated from mom and sisters at 21 days exactly or she can become pregnant.

10-19-08, 08:42 am
Welcome! Glad you're here.