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10-13-08, 05:14 pm
I finally moved my 5 boys into the spareroom in our house. Decided to use fleece. After having used shavings, I remember why I stopped using fleece in the past...the room smells. I think I made more work for myself bringing them in, I just can't afford the electric heat in the breezeway, my garage is great for the spring and summer but too cold in the fall and winter, it's not insulated. Using shavings in the cage now just creates another mess. I can't afford coroplast. I'm getting really frustrated and anxious as to how to deal with the new setup. I love having them closer too me, just the problem is the smell. I put a window fan in on reverse to help blow the air out. I've been changing the fleece regularly. I found it's their poo's that create the smell. At least with the shavings, it absorbed the odor. Is there anyone with a creative idea to suggets what else to try???
The only advantage to fleece is I can save $$ not having to buy shavings. Yet my laundry has increased. Seems no matter what I do I can't win.

10-13-08, 05:27 pm
I got a new hand vac that I use in the cage a couple of times a day, and I empty it out immediately each time. It keeps their cage so clean!!

10-13-08, 05:30 pm
How many layers of towel are you using? Some people also add things like puppy pads or mattress pads (which are reusable unlike puppy pads) to help absorb pee.

I find with my piggie that she likes to bury her poos under the fleece so I have to pick up the corners when I sweep and make sure she hasn't put any under there. That can be solved though by putting bricks or other heavy objects in the corners.

Another possible solution is if your piggie does their business in only one corner you can use a small litter box and fill it with shavings. You will still be using them, but not nearly as much so a bag will last much longer.

Also, when you wash your fleece you can add a cup of vinegar to it to help cut the smell of the urine left in the bedding. Make sure you don't use softeners or dryer sheets as this reduces the fleece's ability to wick moisture and absord it to deeper layers.

Good luck!

10-13-08, 05:32 pm
Also, when you wash, use less soap, not more. Excess soap left in the towels reacts with urine to smell horrible. An extra rinse at the end of your usual wash cycle is good, too.

10-13-08, 05:34 pm
Did oyu wash,dry,wash,dry,wash,dry to get it to wick properly? do you have somehting under it to absorb and wick? What do you have under the fleece? How many pigs do you have in what sized area?

10-13-08, 05:45 pm
This is actually really interesting. I know I had a problem recentley with a urine smell in my dryer, but I fixed that washing them in hot water in the washer.

Instead of coroplast, you can use a cheap shower curtain. What I used to do before I got coroplast was use a shower curtain, poke holes in it, and use these hook things to hook the shower curtain through the hole and hang it on the side of the grid to create side walls so turds wouldnt fly out.

Luandry increases some, but you only need to wash the fleece and towels once a week. Spot cleaning should be done once a day, and since your pigs get really stinky I would do it more than once. I noticed that the extra washes and luandry detergant is far cheaper than the cost of shavings.

10-13-08, 06:01 pm
I'm not having issues finding coroplast, I get mine from a guy for $5 becasue he thinks it is absurd to charge more when he's selling me scraps.:D

BUT how does this whole shower curtain thing work?! I'm assuming you don't have a grid bottom to hold your would be coroplast in like I do (since my table is slightly smaller than the cage). Or do you just need to make sure that you have enough layers of towel and fleece so the bumps from wire don't hurt their feet.

Just curious!

10-13-08, 06:09 pm
Ohh I never have grids on the bottom. Even now with my coroplast, since my cage is directly on the floor. I would layout the shower curtain, and then put the towels and fleece in an area a little bigger than the size of 4X2 grids. Then I would place the grids on top of it, then hook the sides up. During the end, I would actually just roll up the remaining sides. You can probably see what I am talking about better in my pictures..since I hardly make sence when I write. LOL.

Like right there in this picture shows how I would roll it up, and actually hide the appearence of the curtain.

10-13-08, 09:26 pm
We couldn't find Coroplast for a reasonable price either, so I bought a large linoleum remnant at Home Depot for about $5 and punched holes and zip tied the sides to the grids since it's not as sturdy as Coroplast I imagine.

For the bottom I found a mattress pad at the Goodwill for $3 and change (and a second one on the Bed Bath & Beyond clearance rack for $7). I use that under the fleece and also put litter pans in the corner and in the kitchen area. They don't pee/poo in it exclusively, but they do use it and it helps the smell to just be able to empty out the Carefresh every few days. I also sweep out the little turds with a hand broom each day. I really need to invest in a good hand vac though. The stray Carefresh isn't as easy to sweep up

10-14-08, 03:38 am
I turned the fan on a higher setting and it seems to help, wooa I can't believe how much they poo, must have been hidden well in the shavings. I will definitely use less soap and try the vinegar. I'll try puppy pads too. I don't use fabric softener because my family is sensitive to it so I'm good there. I work full time so I wisk the cage out before I leave and when I return home and before bed. Thankyou for all the advice, just keep the ideas coming!!
Again thank you

10-14-08, 03:50 am
I forgot to mention I have 5 boys. Their cage is in the shape of an L and is 2 tears. the size is 2x6 on one end that turns to a 2 x 4. Each end has a long ramp that leads to a long 2x 6 enclosed space on the lower floor level. 2 pigs are in each end with 1 pig in the middle. The one pig has a ramp that leads to a loft while the other pigs have a ramp that leads to the lower level. This is so they have plenty of running and play space. I laid a shower curtain on the floor and bought fleece for 2 dollars at the flea market to lay on top. The upper level of their pen is their dinning and retrieve area. Overall it's a super very large pen for them.
What's nice is there's a door to this room I can keep close to keep the Basset out since he shows an interest in them. If he should ever sneak in at least the pigs can escape to the upper level a safety measure I incorporated.

10-14-08, 07:40 am
What are you using underneath the fleece to absorb the urine?