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02-21-03, 01:37 pm
We just bought a young male piggy today to introduce to our older (about a year) male cavy. We made sure to check the gender of the new cavy to make sure it is a male. What is the typical behavior when introducing a young male to an older male? We read that there is usually a sence of establishing the older guinea pig as the dominant one. The older male immediatly began to cirle the younger one while rubbing up against him. As well as carrying on with other odd behavious. Any info would be much appreciated =)

02-21-03, 02:03 pm
It's really best to place each male in a seperate cage beside each other for a few days. This way they can get to know each other by smelling each others presence through the cages and maybe afterwards they can live together.

Good luck. :)

02-21-03, 02:24 pm
Please thoroughly read this page (there is a lot there): cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)

It sounds like you've skipped the VERY IMPORTANT step of quarantining your new guinea pig. Again, please read the referenced page. It's probably too late now.

Ginni and Zoey
02-21-03, 04:17 pm
i didnt do this with my guinea pigs, i had no idea you had to most places i read said just put them in the cage together grrr:| but they are both still healthy or so it seems, im going to take them for a check up when taxs come do you think they are ok...its been over a month or so. i know now if i get a new one what to do

02-21-03, 05:56 pm
Definitely take them to a vet to be checked as soon as you can. I would get new pigs treated for mites on general principles.

Please use proper capitalization and include proper punctuation when you are posting on this forum. I would appreciate it as would others. I don't have time to reread posts over and over again, just so I can try to understand them. Thanks much.

02-22-03, 04:33 pm
After quarantine and vet check...

In my experience, having adequate cage space for two (or more) guineas is key. Also, 'play-dates' to start with, of a limited time period...growing longer until I felt very sure they would continue to be friends.

02-27-03, 11:12 am
That was great reading! The social life link.

02-28-03, 02:31 pm
Ginny and Zoey:

Same here. I didn't quarintine my pigs because I saw no information of that sort, but now mine are both sick.:| :(