View Full Version : New to site! Hello all!

10-11-08, 04:18 pm
Hi everyone! I am new member to the site, however I have been surfing the site for the last 6 months or so getting info and looking at everyone's pictures! I have two piggies who I love dearly! I'm very excited to meet everyone and soak in all the great info I can! I'm a licensed veterinary technician and have been in the veterinary field for 10 years now..so I know alot about the medical part, but am still learning the cavy slave part!! I am a new piggy owner, about 6 months ago I adopted my first one (all in my profile so please take a peek if you'd like!) I will be uploading pictures soon!!:)

10-11-08, 04:21 pm
Welcome to the forum! You'll be able to find tons of info that you can use to benefit your piggers. :)

10-11-08, 04:29 pm
thanks! I am looking forward to it!!

10-11-08, 04:30 pm
Oh, and pigtures are very welcome (hint, hint). Lol.

10-11-08, 04:57 pm
I am working on it as we speak!:)

10-12-08, 07:52 am
:) That makes me a happy little member.

10-12-08, 04:11 pm
Aye Mealie, Welcome Aboard! This site is so loaded with great information, and there are plenty of cavy experienced people on this site who will help you out.:cheerful:

10-12-08, 04:14 pm
thanks! really enjoying the site!

10-12-08, 08:05 pm
Hey! I am new here also...

10-13-08, 05:08 am
hey! welcome!

10-13-08, 07:17 pm
Hey, welcome! I'm also from SC. This is a great place to learn new ideas for guinea pig care:)

10-13-08, 07:18 pm
where in SC??

10-13-08, 07:22 pm
I'm in Orangeburg myself. Not too far from Spartanburg I don't think.

10-13-08, 07:25 pm
Hmm..I'm not sure where that is! How long have u had your pigs? I've got a question about handling- my piggies are still very afraid of being touched. How do you get them used to being handled? They run and hide when I go to touch them. When I go to pick them up, they squeek and try to run away!

10-13-08, 07:29 pm
Its like below Columbia:) Its kinda small.

I've had my pigs for like 2 years or so. Its normal for them to be skittish of being picked up just try not to move too fast and when you pick them up you can sit them on your lap and stroke them and they settle down pretty well. Also try hand feeding them veggies that will help them learn that your hands are nice. Mine come up to my hands to sniff and nudge my fingers but run when I go to pick them up, from what I've learned that's pretty normal so don't take it personally its just their nature. Once I'm holding mine though they calm down alot. You could try just putting your hand in to see what they do sometimes and letting them smell it without trying to grab or touch them.

10-13-08, 07:38 pm
They do the same thing, as far as nudging my fingers but running when I try to touch them. How should I go about picking them up, though? I mean, not literally in the snese of how to hold them, but as far as making them not as scared that they squeek and try to run away? I feel like it's becoming a negative instead of a positive if they wheek and are scared. I'm afraid of making them more afraid. I have tried taking everything out of the cage when I am about to clean, and they just run from one corner to the other. I have trained dogs for years and so I udnerstand the negative/positive reinforcement situation. I guess I am just afriad of causing them to be so afraid they never want to let me hold them. Should I continue to try to grab them, or just stop for a little while? I always talk to them in a calm and soothing voice, and when they hear me they come wheeking with excitement, as long as I don't try to touch or pick them up. I guess I'm a little disappointed becuase I want them to trust me. I know it takes time, though.