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10-10-08, 08:25 am
Hi im new here:)
I just love this site because of all of the helpful info, pictures and people.
I dont have a cavy because my parents dislike rodents, but i am going to start to build a cage and make it awesome so that when im allowed a piggie of my own it will have a home of its own.

I fell in love with guniea pigs and the like after holding my friends during brave heart. Mortisha there male cavy cuddled up with me on the sofa and i didn't want to give him back!

Hopefully i will have one of my own or possible two some day,
but till then i look forward to learning all i can about the cute cavies:love:

10-11-08, 04:28 pm
Welcome to GPC! You'll find lots of care info for your future piggie, and lots of people to talk to.

10-13-08, 10:34 am
Thank you very much piggie!:)

10-13-08, 06:57 pm
I have a question. How do you thank someone for a helpful post?

10-13-08, 07:00 pm
Oh, newbies can't thank yet. We have to wait until we're full members.

10-15-08, 09:08 am
oh! that make sents heheeh. I was looking every where for an option to thank people but couldn't.glad im not going mad >.<